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Anthem fix?

by Xerce82

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Anthem fix?

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So, with the amount of potential this game has,  is EA Bioware planning to do something with that or should i just throw the game away?


If what i hear is true (EA making Biowares life hell for the past few years,  which is believable being their track record)  then maybe EA needs to back off.  Your not going to make money if you force feed a generic game to players.  At least not with destiny as competition.  


The game needs content,  a raid,  more weapons,  stop trying to sell ALL the cool sht and make some of it discoverable.

Do what destiny did but better, colossus needs to be more tank less damage.  Something destiny doesn't have. 


It would not be hard for anthem to destroy destiny,  but not like this.  Your company is run by capitalist tyrants who have no clue how to succeed on this platform. That much is clear. 

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Re: Anthem fix?

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Well do not expect content or even fixes for that matter anytime soon.

Everything was delayed without any real indication as to when we may see anything.


Content is the biggest thing needed along with fixes to the bs loot

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