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pvz heroes more problems 2019

by Big82S

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pvz heroes more problems 2019

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This is a problem that’s undeniably legit. 



Im playing on a healthy iPAD 10.5 pro And this is the only game that every once in a while will crash. I’ll hear Garbled sound then it just quits.



can we get a update because if this is the only game that it happens on then guess what. it’s probably most likely this game. especially since it was a problem in a 2016 post. 



I hate hate getting feed back when it says oh it’s not the game it’s you're device.



Yeah cause I’d know if it was my device. we aren’t idiots.



just gets me mad when me and others have supported this and others of EA’s games n it seems like we are being brushed off.

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Re: pvz heroes more problems 2019

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You are not an idiot Standard smile It’s not your device problem, I have iPhone XS Max and game crashes several times a day. This started about week or two ago.

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