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possible to see another player's grave stone contents?

by Big82S

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possible to see another player's grave stone contents?

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Is there a way to know what’s in people’s Grave stones without the plant that can view the grave stone contents? recent games people were able to constantly know where the one card i needed to win was even though it was not in same place. twice in two different games.


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Re: possible cheating.

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@Big82SNo, there isn't, but watch people like fry play (I know, he's not the greatest ever, but...) They know what the possibilities are for that gravestone and by judging what's been played up to that point can generally make solid assumptions as to what the card might be.  At the very least they can play around what the worst case scenario for them would be, and try to curb that.

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Re: possible cheating.

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There are other possibilities too.


1) You’re giving your opponent information based on in what order and how quickly you lay your gravestones. If you seem over-eager, maybe that’s the one that gets destroyed.


2) Your opponent is picking what gravestone to destroy based on what lane it’s in, and what (s)he is trying to protect.


3) Your opponent only drew the graveyard hate when you drew the card you needed. Alternatively, your opponent had the hate all along, but chose to develop board during previous turns.


4) Your opponent got lucky on two occasions. It happens.


I don’t know under what circumstances your opponent is “guessing right.” If this is a mixed-up gravedigger scenario, there is even a chance an already-played Zombie appears as a cartoonishly large gravestone... a game glitch that I’ve seen before. (I don’t know exactly what triggers it.)

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Re: possible cheating.

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But Daalnni is absolutely right: I don’t play plants as often as zombies, but unless you have a whole lot of brains floating during the trick phase, it isn’t too hard to predict what’s under a stone based on the zombie types being played and the brains available.


Simple example: if I’m playing The Smash, and he dropped a Arm Wrestler turn 1 and then a Stone on 2, I would have to be crazy to play my Double Sunflower.

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