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i. lost. that. game.

by z_elmo21

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Re: i. lost. that. game.

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@UnholyJuggernaut wrote:
My brother quit last night because this happened 5/7. This game is about dead. Less people play. Why bother when they don't ban for this hack

Hack?  You're suggesting an opposing player is causing this?  I really don't think that's the case.



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The Stupidest Logic Ever, Part 2

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There is reason to believe it is a hack, mostly due to the fact the game does it once you are in the lead.

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Re: The Stupidest Logic Ever, Part 2

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I dont think it's a hack.


I have been disconnected when I have been winning and also losing. it seems like a server problem, or I don't know, also most of my opponents are disconnected even when they are winning, but I can not speak for them, I can only say that in my case my connection is perfect and the game is disconnected.

 I've also been in the collection for a while, and creating decks, and then when I try to go to the match, the game is disconnected, lol.



talking about the ''hack'', why would someone who would have a hack to disconnect wait to use it? lol, try to hide? i don't believe that, and also there are a lot of information about the hack of QDCM and Admiral Bean, but nothing about this supposed connection hack, I think it's just a server connection error.

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Re: The Stupidest Logic Ever, Part 2

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I’ve only ever had it happen when I’m winning, it’s happened to me several times this weekend, always against level 50 players (now that I’m level 42ive been seeing even more 50s to play against.) People who still want to play the game for ‘fun’ but don’t want to lose so they use the hack when they are about to lose.

It’s a hack, but EA isn’t listening to their players and just shut down any threads that say it instead of trying to fix it, or catching/banning those players. Watch, this thread will be shut down soon too.


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Re: The Stupidest Logic Ever, Part 2

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So not only is there a hack, but EA is in cahoots to ensure no one complains about it?  I may not think too highly of many of the decisions they've made, but I've never heard of a game company KNOWING about hacking issues and not only ignoring them but actively covering them up and protecting the hackers.


I think it's more likely that it's just a connection issue, and EA closes the threads to try to stop conspiracy theories.

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Re: The Stupidest Logic Ever, Part 2

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I’ve been on both sides of this, I’m pretty sure. Catch me at the right time and I’ll believe your hack story - I’ve lost to some decks that seemed pretty lousy (and yet were more advanced in rank than I was) due to connection issues. I’ve also won games I had no buisiness winning because my opponent stopped responding.

From their end this may have looked like a hack. Or they just stepped away from their device. Or lost power. Or a dog ate their phone.

Some phones look like biscuits.
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Re: The Stupidest Logic Ever, Part 2

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Hey all, do not post any image containing another users information. Doing so and implying that they are in any way cheating is known as naming and shaming and is against the AHQ User Rules and Guidelines. 


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