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Re: Zomblog "nerf"

by chenyingjoe

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Zomblog "nerf"

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After 5 months and 100's of times I've gone against this card... I really don't think the developers see the power of this card. Or how how little it costs?

8/5 bullseye with bonus attack is game over. And 8/5 is the absolute most modest attack I've seen.


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Re: Zomblog "nerf"

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Actually it is coming up on four a couple weeks still
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Re: Zomblog "nerf"

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If anything they could simply change to card to legendary and 6 cost or something.
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Re: Zomblog "nerf"

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It really need nerf, and I think removing bullseye is not enough.


My proposal: Instead of brain you make this turn, it add +1 for brains left before zomblog is played, and it eats all brains left. This gives plant players some chance to fight/block this turn.

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Re: Zomblog "nerf"

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Yeah, Zomblob seems good.

What you’re not taking into account, though, is that it’s an evolution card. That means by playing Zomblob (which has no “enter” effect), your opponent is trading a card advantage for a tempo advantage. Take the post below about a turn three 7-power Zomblob. The user claims Zomblob is “OP”, but also admits 1) that his/her opponent attempted to move Zombob to another lane. Which means that player has now traded a two-card advantage for a tempo advantage. And 2) his/her opponent then conceded after a banana peel was used to once more relocate the Zomblob. i.e., the gambit failed.

As a zombie specialist with several Zomblob decks, I can tell you that getting a good Zomblob drop is an art. To really make it pop, you need a cheep water-lane zombie, just in case, Brain Venders, Regifting Zombies, and et cetera. It has to be the focal point and win condition of you deck. And after all that effort, all a plant player has to do is bounce it and you’re back at square 1 (except you’ve already used your Brain Venders and have given up card advantage). Zomblob is correctly powered as a evolution card that is also a win condition.

I’ll tell you one thing more. Zomblob is not the deck I play when I want to win. Its win rate at ultimate for me is less than 50/50.

Zomblob seems OP because 1) its power makes it very visable, and 2) dropping it immediately makes it the focal point of the game. But no more than Tricarrotops or Doubled Mint become focal points when they drop (without having to evolve, and in open lanes, because they’re plants) on turn 2.
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