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Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

by kpic13

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Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★★★★ Novice

To whom it may concern:


Once again, players are taking advantage of your development. The combination of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie is completely OP and unfair. They are too low in cost. No one should be able to store up 20+ damage and unleash it at turn 6!!! 

This is such poor development. I know you people don't like criticism or being called out but, you messed up this one. What you really need is have real world users test your combos prior to release. I work in the Seattle area for a MAJOR IT company. If our devs released code this poorly thought and and tested, they would be looking for new jobs!!!!





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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

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★ Guide
Strawberrian + The Serg. stop most aggro builds in their tracks turn 4. Coffee Grounds can end games turn 3 (I’ve seen it). Grass knuckles actually has a hero mission to win before the end of turn 6.

In Magic the Gathering, a game that’s been around and is still popular after about 30 years, win is possible turn 0 (that’s right, before upkeep on turn 1).

I wish y’all would stop calling Monument/Valkyrie a combo. They are two cards that have a lot of independent utility that often appear in Prof. Brainstorm decks together. They are no more a combo than Valk/Lurch were in set 1. That’s like me calling Sunflower and Dark Matter Dragonfruit a combo.

Here is a combo: Monument/Duckstashe. Now you’re combining fushion with evolution, and bonus attacks with abilities that trigger with damage. It might not win you the game, but both cards increase the inherent value of the other. Good cards played with good cards are just multiple good cards.

But I’m sure I’m talking balogna and the devs are all scrambling because they are so very impressed with your credentials.
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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★★★ Guide

Just got killed by this combo and nothing you can do against it.

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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★★★★★ Novice
Everyone is complaining about this combo. There is nothing of serious you can do for fighting back.

Accepting the defeat for an unfair battle is not much problem. Carry on.

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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★★★★★ Novice
In the case Strawberrian + The Serg. You have first to play The serg and then play Strawberrian in the next turn. So you have the possibility to deal with Sergent (rocket, trick, deadly attack) before ihe starts his attack. In any case the zombie are killed not the hero.

Coffee Grounds can end games turn 3 (I’ve seen it), provided that you let the opponent to use it. There is a strategy behind which is not ever succesful.

In the case of val and mustache you can' t do anything. That s a fact. Be sure this will be fixed as the dev did in the past with blob.
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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★ Guide
I know you! You’re the author of the problem with brainy class, another m. monument thread, etc., etc. I think you might comprise half of “everyone” who is complaining!

The card that’s killing you is Valkyrie, but you can’t complain about Valkyrie b/c it’s an old card and probably past its “nerf” window. You already complained indirectly about Lurch for Lunch and your complaints fell on deaf ears. So now you’re picking on Monument because it’s the last card standing.

I’ll have you know that I just lost multiple games to the same opponent playing repeat moss... a card that does bonus attacks you can’t respond to? So in addition to there being precedent for Monument costing 2 (Lurch), there is precedent for bonus attacks that can’t be responded to. (And a lot of it, on the plant side, b/c you guys can play + bonus on the same phase, and have always been able to.)

Side note: my opponent won by turn six.
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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★★★★★ Apprentice

@puntwothreeit IS a combo due to FUSION. You play Mustache Monument and then Valk, causing a combo between the two triggering a bonus attack. Maybe if you had a bonus attack + dragonfruit you would see this.

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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★ Guide
@totalowner by your logic, Monument with any zombie is a combo? Is party zombie plus any zombie also a combo? Is coffee grounds plus any plant that doesn’t have double strike inherently a combo?

These are all “weak” in the combo department.

Party zombie would be a combo with mystery egg, the difference being you get two triggers in one lane for one. Will it win you the game?.... probably not. But both cards make the other card better.

Playing good cards is not the same thing as “combining off.”
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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★★★★★ Novice
I never complained lunch, this is a trick played in the trick phase. If you are able to use it, this means the plant player lost the opportunity to destroy the zombie you are using for the attack. This is fair.

Making an additional attack in the same turn, taken into account you play first using a strong card which do not let you to react is unfair.

Just imagine a plant which in turn 5 can struck you with a 20 damaging attack. The game would be lame at the latest.

That s my 2 cent
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Re: Zombie Combo of Mustache Monument and Valkyrie

★ Apprentice
So this is the best deck in the game and half of the cards ate broken. Final mission cake explosion mushroom monuments are all broken show be deleted. Nothing you can do to stop them in time. You just have to pray I get a strange draw. I don't have to win with valkery. I can win with the broken 4 armed bandit. Anything you put out I will blow up with cake explosion or final mission and blowing up myself will make my Valerie bigger. On top of it all one of my zombies make the rest bulls eye so you have to kill them. Which feeds my valk. Quitting today because the testers keep letting cheap into the game... daily didn't have anything new... Too few new cards were added... the hacking is more rampant then ever... we won't admit the something wrong with your internet hack is a hack because they don't want to refund the pay to win purchase... And quiting because I don't feel like there is any competition. Less high level players. Less good challenging players
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