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Re: Would you be willing to give up existing high powered cards to see something

by puntwothree

Original Post

Would you be willing to give up existing high powered cards to see something new

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I have been a long time player of PVSZ Heroes since the game came on-line.  I am also a mature adult who has very little time for games and still enjoy playing this game with my limited down time over anything else that I have ever encountered.  This is because of the sheer amount of methodical planning that must go into strategizing over wins.  This is a solid product.


My question would then be, "as a fellow player, would you be willing to give up some of your current high powered cards (meaning EA Games themselves would remove and retire those cards) in order to see newer cards (and greener players) come in?"


When we welcome new players to the player vs player environment, it is clear that the game designers created and maintain (through card updates) this environment so that we could have an evenly matched forum.   A forum where hopefully the battles become brain against brain and and wit against wit with all things mostly being equal.    I am not naive enough to believe that EA Games does not want to make money off of this game so I understand that paying for cards is a necessary business model.  Having said that, for those of us who have been playing for a long time, we have "been there, done that and accumulated everything that we can."  For us, there is nothing really new and there is nothing more we can really do.  It does not dampen my interest and passion for this game however.  


I will think about a good win for hours after I've played, and think about what I want to do next with something different. 

Is that not the mark of a perfect game?


Personally, I would be happy to give up some of my high powered cards if it meant that new players starting out would have as much opportunity to thrive as I did with new card releases came out once upon a time.  Retiring current high powered cards (permanently by EA) would then open up a lot of opportunities for new players to collect, compete and bring their new angles and experiences to the game, thereby refreshing it.  Once you are at the top of the PVSZ Heroes battle curve, what is there really to loose?


Just something to consider for us long term players who have collected essentially every Garg, every plant, and created every theme deck you could possibly make by this point.


I just want to say thank you to EA Games / Plants Vs Zombies Heroes for their excellent product and dedicated hard work.



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Re: Would you be willing to give up existing high powered cards to see something

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If you’re looking for a yes or no answer, you won’t like mine.


Of course I’d be willing to “give up” certain cards to get “new cards”... but that’s not going to happen (and it shouldn’t).


Of course I’d be willing to tolerate a little “power creep”: a word which here means, “the printing of new cards that make certain old cards irrelevant or obsolete.” Power Creep is almost a given in collectible strategy card games... in order to make new cards desirable, you have to make them good. I’m OK with “Greener” players having an “advantage” because the cards they’re starting with are better than the cards I started with.


Unfortunately, step one has to be new content. Good cards can’t vanish first... that will only accelerate game stagnation. (We’re looking for more options, not fewer. Right?) And this is the heart of the problem with PvZ. Because there hasn’t been any new content introduced in quite some time, and (un)popular opinion is it’s not coming.


I don’t think “retiring” cards is or has ever been a good idea. We already have nerfing and “changing,” the only kind of update we’ve seen for seasons and seasons. The only thing we’re missing is new cards.

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Re: Would you be willing to give up existing high powered cards to see something

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I’m assuming you mean cards “rotating” out to make room for newer cards. I think I’d go with yes, but they would need to make at least 2 more sets before they begin any type of rotation. 


That being said, I think they should ban certain cards from being played, as that will allow more types of decks to be played (rather than decks that have to answer to certain cards because they’re “meta”). As to which cards should be banned, who can say? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It seems simply nerfing them doesn’t do anything too significant, so it’s up to them to decide (if they even continue development, that is)


All in all, I wish they would do something, ANYTHING, to change the game up a little. I stopped playing because nothing new was being introduced, and I feel like if they did introduce new cards/mechanics, PvZH might still have a chance.

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Re: Would you be willing to give up existing high powered cards to see something

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I disagree with nerfs not being significant. Some nerfed cards are downright unplayable post-nerf... and I think many of the ones that persist do so in spite of themselves (because people are too lazy to adapt). Banning cards just limits options (even bad options). Maybe if a few new sets hit, I would revisit that opinion.

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Re: Would you be willing to give up existing high powered cards to see something

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That’s exactly what I was thinking too honestly. We just need more sets for the meta to change (although I have 0 clue what the current meta is, I assume it hasn’t changed too much since I left a few months ago).
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