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Re: Why are Nightcap's Superpowers so bad?

by Player_0s4ojahr

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Why are Nightcap's Superpowers so bad?

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His flagship super is really bad. The only kudos I give it is if you play a Shroom deck 3 of the super powers have synergy but that is not enough to get past the fact that that and more spore are really underwhelming.


Whirlwind - Green Shadow (Smarty), Nightcap

Storm Front - Spudow (Kabloom), Nightcap

More Spore - Solar Flare (Kabloom), Nightcap


The other Smarty Superpower is Big Chill (Rose).

The other Kabloom Superpower is Meteor (Capt Combustible)


Big Chill makes no sense for Nightcap but I would have preferred Meteor over More Spore. Maybe if the Poison Shroom created by Mush Boom also had team up it would feel better.


Does any other hero have a worse collection of Superpowers?

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Re: Why are Nightcap's Superpowers so bad?

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I agree that all Nightcap's superpowers seem to benefit only one type of deck, and otherwise they are probably under average, especially More Spores. Whirlwind is always hard to judge because some games it isn't worth playing at all, while in others it can be the signifying tempo-swing of the game.

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Re: Why are Nightcap's Superpowers so bad?

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His unique superpower is fine, though I also agree that his powers mostly benefit one type of deck.  Zombies have plenty of heroes with the same 'problem', where their superpowers are really keyed to certain decks.  Brain Freeze is pretty comparable to Nightcap, only his unique super is better later in the game.  But altogether, Brain Freeze, Neptuna, Rustbolt, and maybe even Super Brainz all have fairly weak supers.  Zombie supers generally need much more specific circumstances, and a few can be completely useless through an entire game (Cut Down to Size in particular).  So I'd say having 1 plant with only slightly underwhelming supers isn't that bad.

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