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Re: Upcoming Changes

by puntwothree

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Upcoming Changes

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I could be really late to the party on this one, but just noticed that on the PVZ wiki, there seems to be some plans for changes to some cards, nerfs and buffs. Just wanted to let anyone who wasn't already aware know, before the next thread pops up complaining about Moustache Monument. Do bear in mind that this is probably not the final version of the changes.

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Re: Upcoming Changes

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The devs need to stop looking at percentages and start looking at numbers, b/c after this update goes through I might start playing plants full-time.

QDCM still needed nerf, so they hit Regifting.

Valk needed nerf, so they hit Monument.

Cyclecap is unaffected.

These are bad changes for budget players.

Valk got three nerfs to one deck... which I don’t really care about, except that it means Zombie players might start to adapt and Plant players might therefore start complaining about my deck archetypes.

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Re: Upcoming Changes

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almost all the improvements are for the plants. 


Red Stinger... I almost never see it, I guess with this improvement it will be something more interesting. 


Neutron Imp it was always the image of Galactic Garden, and even now they are still trying to turn it into an interesting card.



Final Mission ¿? the complaints won the battle here right? . Disco Naut... that's necessary?


Savage Spinach: I still dont like it, ''leafy'' evolution is what bothers me about it, lose an Umbrella Leaf or Doubled Mint, Magic Bean or Party Thyme, Heartichoke, etc  for a Spinach buff? naaah... just Bonk Choy , but they are only 4 . 


Typical Beans, Marine Bean, that's fine.



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Re: Upcoming Changes

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OK. I did it. I’m calm.

If these changes go through, 82/83 of my decks should improve or see no change. The one that doesn’t doesn’t matter... it was a “fun” deck anyway.

I still maintain hitting Regifting is both unwise and unfortunate. I have been backpedaling from this card for some time now... you have to be confident your deck is both better and faster than your opponent’s to play it, but its 3/2 body gave it upside at 2. The matchup where it really shines is w/QDCM.... it’s the latter that should receive the nerf.

Making QDCM a 1/4 (as originally...) Astro-Shroom a 2/2, and removing bullseye from both would solve SO many meta problems without killing cool and flavorful cards like Regifting Zombie. Oh well.

I’ll just chew up my Regifters and regift them to myself.
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