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Ultimate League Deck - Good Sun Setting

by npgibbs

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Ultimate League Deck - Good Sun Setting

★★★ Apprentice

I will risk sounding like an overly exuberant infomercial and call this the most flexible deck in the entire plant setup. I would like to introduce Good Set Setting


Secret Sauce


4 Molekale

4 Pineclone

3 or 4 Shroom for two


And you can use any Kabloom hero of your choosing and any other cards to fill out the deck.


Play Style


Have as many low level plants in as many lanes as possible, turn them to pineclones, then drop a Molekale for extreme random goodness with a money back guarantee.


Solar Flare


The Solar cards allow SF to advance the sun count by playing sunflowers, solar winds environment and play pineclone to molekale  faster. Another great card is the Solar Strike trick which when played with a board with lots of pineclones (some in team up configuration) can be game ending.




Guardian gives you better crowd control and Spudow has cheap, defensive team up plants. Poppin' Poppies is a great card to add to the deck with its team up poppies and heal.




The smarty class is full of very intriguing team up options that have lots of synergy with the deck. Admiral Navy Bean, Cosmic Bean and Navy Bean open up a side strategy bean deck and Go Nuts is a strong compliment.


Captain Combustible


Want to skip the entrée and get straight to dessert? Double Strike, Vegetation Mutation, Grape Power, Plant Food, Expresso and so many more options that even Kitchen Sink Zombie would be jealous. A really good, cheap plant to protect your team ups is Umbrella Leaf.




All 3 of the foundation cards to make this deck a powerhouse are in the same class and that gives this deck unparalleled flexibility. Instant pancake mix just add water.

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Re: Ultimate League Deck - Good Sun Setting

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Thank you for sharing secret sauce. Standard smile


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