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UL Zombies: Treat Yo-self

by puntwothree

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UL Zombies: Treat Yo-self

★ Guide

This deck has a lot of shortcomings. It has no water presence, and no way to get one. It’s a little light on removal, and has the potential to excellerate your opponent at the worst possible time.


The thing is, it didn’t. Not this season.


I was playing a lot of Imps at the beginning of this season (I know. I know. The season is still young. Like, real young.) and was winning a lot of good, close games (which is what I live for), in which I was hellbent (a magic term for “empty-handed”) dealing exactsies (the right amount of damage, and no extra). But then, I was losing more games than I wanted to for stupid reasons (or so it seemed, on the losing end).


And this plant called Tricarrotops was almost, like, ubiquitous, and I was triggering my opponent’s block right and left, and I wasn’t drawing superpowers because it was all Bullseye, 1-2 Turn wins after burn; pass, squash;pass, heal;pass, extra combat. And Captain Cucumbers were coming down in front of my Teleportation Zombies. And Banansaurus Rexes were profiting. And good plants were being put on Heights so my poor, poor, Excavator Zombies had nothing to throw up into the air with their shovels.


And a patient player probably would have just kept playing Imps and tuned the deck a little, maybe, because my win rate was still pretty A-OK, and Imps brought me to Tacos without too much resistance.


But, well, if I lose two consecutive games with a deck more than once or twice in a season, I’m likely to switch strategies just to see if I can’t do just a little bit better.


So, I thought about what I was seeing at the time, and it was a lot of random conjur nonsense and full-handedness. So I decided to switch to this deck: Treat YoSelf, just to test the waters (and to stop playing the super-block lottery, because I kept losing it). Whether because of the time of day, or the competition being less stiff, or whatever, it (this deck) out-preformed my expectations and closed out my UL run nicely.


So, I’m posting it.


The concept here is pretty straight-foreword. 1) a lot of cheap spells and zombies that are easy to cast, 2) Cryo-Brains, to empty your hand quicker for 3) Wormhole Gatekeeper and Unexpected Gifts to fill up again, with 4) Trick-or-Treater, to make every zombie on your board a buffable threat.


And when a Captain Cucumber is put in front of your Teleportation Zombie, you just flash in a Gatekeeper and a Conman and watch him literally draw your opponent to death. (I won one game by flashing in a Conman while my opponent had three Cucumbers in play, killed none of them, and then stuck a gravestone in front of his Bananasaurus Rex. It felt pretty good.)


Fine. You can has pictures.

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Re: UL Zombies: Treat Yo-self

★★★ Guide

Thank you for tip. Will give it a try Standard smile

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Re: UL Zombies: Treat Yo-self

★★★ Guide

This deck helped me to gain one level, but it wasn't my play style and at the end it didn't work out, I deleted it. I got more losses than wins. I think it still needs some fine tuning Standard smile

Thank you anyway!

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