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UL Zombies: Boogaloo Control

by puntwothree

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UL Zombies: Boogaloo Control

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I’ve been struggling with Electric Boogaloo for a long time now, whilst trying to crack Cyborg Zombie.


Electric Boogaloo has always been one of my least favorite heroes (either side), for whom I had no respect whilst playing plants.


No longer!


Fundimentally I like Cyborg Zombie a lot. He does a decent amount of face damage or likely takes out your opponent’s turn 2/turn 3 play, both of which are good options. And he feels like card advantage because you get the 5/5 back.


But a 5/5 your opponent can manipulate, for 5, is really kind of meh IMO. To make it work, I figured (and better than the old stand-by, Haunting Zombie), I needed to put it in a solid control context, in which I can afford to spend 5 on a roamer because I’m not taking much damage and the board is clear. In a slugfest, Cyborg really can turn into card advantage, which winning with “control” is all about (eliminate threats, develop gradual card advantage, overwhelm in the late game).


Deck building concept #2: Boogaloo (with the exception of Dance Off) actually has a lot of good superpowers. As such, I’m concentrating my control cards on shrinking rather than removing outright. Taking some damage to get useful superpowers is going to get you card advantage, which is going to win you the control game. Nibble (which I wrote off as useless for quite a while) shines here. It actually neuteres a lot of pesky plant threats (such as Doubled Mint and Captain Cucumber), and while slight the heal combined with the shrinking makes it likely that you’ll draw your next superpower sooner than if you killed the plant (Unless you use it on Doubled Mint or Captain Cucumber).


Tricks aside, I play a number of dorks that give me cards back and a number of heavy hitters (all of which are Frenzied up or Amphibious). These are all cards that are hard to trade with profitably, cementing the control theme. With a little glue-that-is-Sychronized Swimmer, the end result is a competive deck that (over a small sample size) has a better-than-acceptable-and-actually-quite-surprisingly-good winrate at Ultimate League. Especially-considering-it’s-Electric Boogaloo.


Below is the deck plus a suggestion that it really does work. (My star count is by no means intended as a bost. However, it is nearly statistically impossible to generate a significant star count with a deck that wins < 50% of the time. That’s the point.)

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