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These Decks are Fun!

by puntwothree

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Re: These Decks are Fun!

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@puntwothree wrote:
So apparently plants don’t like Valkyrie.

You know what Zombies do when we see Nightcap drop a Planet of the Grapes turn 2? We groan. A Briar Rose hiding behind a Sunflower on a Solar Winds? We groan. A Pecanolith dropped behind a Primal Wallnut? We groan. Sometimes we moan or we drool a little. That is, after all, about the extent of zombie expression.

I totally disagree on this point. The combinations you refer to both in terms of frequency and impact on the game will never guarantee you an easy victory, as is the case with mustache monument and valkyria.

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Re: These Decks are Fun!

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Thank you so very much for reading one paragraph and missing the point.
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