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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

by npgibbs

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★★★ Apprentice

I have a really fun deck for you centered around 3 cards:






Now Astro-Shroom is not mandatory but it presents a nice build up.


Another set of cards important to the deck are low cost, team up plants. You want as many plants in as many lanes as possible by turn 3 for when you drop Pineclone on turn 4. Weed Spray is an absolute killer so be careful against hearty Zombies. 3-4 Pineclones on the board with some in team up formation turn 4 to a Molekale drop on turn 5 = the cheaper, plant version to Bad Moon Rising!


Astro-Shroom is useful as a starting card and cheap bullseye direct damage especially with all the team up cards.


Another version of this deck uses Solar Flare. Sunflower plants allow you to play pineclone/molekale faster and the useless mushroom superpower has some synergy here. If you do go SF I highly recommend Sun Strike once you have all your pineclones on the board.


Effective Zombie Counters - Supernova Garg, Weed Spray, Chickening, Extinction Event, Vamps, Gizzard Lizard.


It is not an OP deck but it is easy to play, and the randomness can be fun. I much prefer it over my Rose Rose deck.

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★ Guide

Thank you for posting! Pineclone seems like a good fit for a Molekale deck. I haven’t experimented with it personally for the simple reason that I don’t own any...

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★★★ Apprentice

I started fooling around with Random decks out of boredom and it hit me that it is the cheapest way to get multiple high-level plants on the board by turn 5. I do not know if I will continue playing the game past this season so I am currently in the 40s and have been playing this deck mostly. I do lose with it so I am not selling this as a powerhouse but it is flexible enough to add complimentary cards. Block buster is a great card for this deck because of how strong it is on Team Up plants. I put a forget me nuts in there because it is highly prone to trick heavy and control decks. But the meat and potatoes of the deck I would say are pineclone, kale and mushroom for two.

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