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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

by puntwothree

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These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

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EDIT: **If you are new to these forums, or simply this thread, you may notice through a long, drawn-out series of glances that I can (occasionally) be long-winded; a phrase which here means, “Write more than you could possibly care to read, unless it is rainy and miserable out.”


That’s because these posts for me are partly an excercise in writing, and like Decks That are Fun, open journals, and sauerkraut, these Posts That Were Fun were written firstly for my own amusement. (Can you tell what Series I’ve been reading lately?)


Anyhow, who, and which way, if you’d like to skip my prologues, each post concludes with a picture of a deck or decks I believe are Fun. These are to give you ideas. They are to amuse you. And sometimes, they are demonstrations of how not to build a deck. (While “fun” and “competitive” are not mutually exclusive, they are not always cozy bedfellows.)


Also, note what Daalnii and Npgibbs have done (thank you, Daalnii and Npgibbs!). If you have any deck you believe is Fun, feel free to post it! Post one! Post six! Post eighty-eight! Just please don’t post more than that, because eighty-eight is how many decks I’ve built, and more would make me feel bad. If you post a deck, I will give you xp... and also (if you like) work your username into this intruduction, so users who are new to these forums (or simply this thread) will be able to immediately appreciate your creativity without experiencing my long-windedness.


Thus concludes chapter one.** END OF EDIT



Sorry, beginners.


I recently put a pauper (commons only) EDH (Magic the Gathering format) deck together and remembered why I don’t like it. The problem with common cards is not lack of power, but lack of potential. Common cards simply don’t DO as many things as rare cards. They don’t have as many caveats and downsides. They just support basic mechanics.


So these decks are not cheap to make.


Take solice in the fact that I am 100% ftp. I’ve saved all my dimes. So if you love this game as I do, be patient. You’ll be able to build decks like these. Without spending money.


OK, so: on the last edition of “These Decks are Fun!” I put forward for your amusement a couple of RNG control-ish builds for Impfinity and Spudow. This time around, I’m focusing on heroes that are probably a bit less common in the competitive meta, and w/no Random Card Generation whatever.


These Decks are Fun! because they feature acceleration, card draw, and the potential for truly massive single-turn damage outputs. Both require some set up. Both are vulnerable to removal. Neither is my most competitive deck... but they are Fun!


Hurry Pod:


Some “Repeat after Me” elements here, but with more Sunflowers and Pod Fighter(w/Party Thyme) as the main draw engine. Of course, Apotosaurus and Cob Cannon are stupid-good finishers, too, especially if you plant the Dinosaur on a Coffee Grounds and add Grape Power. A good deck to use against the AI when you have a “deal x damage” mission on tap.


Bonus Stones:


Yes, it’s a trick deck. Yes, it plays Trickster. But what makes this deck fun is the convoluted-but-unexpected combo of Teleport/Electrician and Kite Flyer/Area 22.


I’ve already, I hope, proved the power of Teleport/Gentleman Zombie... and here I was looking for a new and interesting gravestone to flash in. I could just as easily have used Mustache Monument... but I didn’t.


Take that, logic! (Teleport/Electrician is actually a little better/more on theme here than Monument, most of the time. For example, if you have no other Zombies in play, Electrian lets you bonus attack with Mime Gargantuar for free (instead of at the expense of Monument))


Area 22 is literally the only Beastly card in this deck. To this I comment that Area 22 is literally the only Beastly card worth playing.


Here are the decks:

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

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My fun deck.  Not always effective, but it is fun to play and when it's on...  It's a force of nature.

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★★★★ Apprentice
Ooo, Teleport/Gentleman Zombie. Didn't think of that one.
Also, Pumpkin + Elderberry is extremely good.
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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

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★ Guide

Fusion and Evolution can do nasty things in tandem. The grouping you mention is not my personal favorite (b/c it’s just a buff added to a buff, and is vulnerable to 2 for 1 removal), but it’s definately still good.


Consider, like:



Lily Pad/Bamboozle

Killer Whale/Gizzard Lizzard or Primordial Cheese Shover

Mustache Monument/Duckstashe


Most of these aren’t, like, Game Over... but they are cool/splashy combos to play with because w/Fusion + Evolution you negate the drawback of each ability.


Thank you for the comment.

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

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★ Guide

From now on I am going to give XP to anyone on this topic string posting a Deck that is Fun.


Also, I wanted to add one. With a thought:


Impending nerfs are a great time to think about retooling decks and grinding away cards to get better cards of the same rarity. But. What I didn’t personally consider until recently is that if you can truly anticipate a nerf, it’s also a great time to tinker with the cards that are getting hit. Nah whatti mean? If you don’t like them, and you’re right about the nerf, you can get your investment back in full.


Plus you get to use them while they’re busted!


Solar Winds is a card I always wanted to try but never opened. Being Zombies first, I never crafted it either. So now I introduce to you my first tinkering with it... a not-designed-to-be-competitive rng deck with great potential.


This is perhaps a Last Chance to See deck. Nonetheless, it should be Fun while it Lasts.

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

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★ Guide

A recent card balance update RUINED EVERYTHING. By which I mean, of course: I took all those yucky nerfed cards and RUINED them by grinding them into dust, and then tried out some exciting (and previously unexplored) cards.


This paved the way for... wait for it... NEW DECKS THAT ARE FUN (2.0).


In the absence of actual “new” content, PvZ does occasionally change cards in balance updates in ways that make them... playable, and so it’s like having a card you never had access to before.


IMHO, one such card is Neutron Imp. Neutron Imp is kind of/sort of just another “gets to bonus attack when x condition is met” plant-or-Zombie dork, but the chance to imbue him with characteristics at the moment of his attack makes him kind of cool and swingy. The fact that he does it when ANY environment is played actually adds a deterrent to your opponent (re)placing environments, making him just a little more interesting.


Needless to say, I torched a Valkyrie and turned her into 4 Imps... which felt really good. I now have a Jimmy Neutron deck for each Brainy class while I experiment. (The one below is for Prof. Brainstorm... not because it is my best Jimmy Neutron deck or even my most inspired, but to show how Neutron Imp can transform the most mediocre/common of environments.)


Second... I took a hard pass on Sunflower Seed post-update. My rationale: why have a Seed when you can have a Double Sunflower? Double Sunflower is never a card that I had in my collection, whereas I opened 4 Seeds sifting for Zombie ammunition.


Another sweet deal. I love Double Sunflower! I loved it in the main series games, and I continue to love it now.


And who better to play it in than Rose, who can offer it protection, nourishment, and a little Go Nuts?

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

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My fun deck.  Not always effective, but it is fun to play and when it's on...  It's a force of nature.

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★ Guide

Updates and et cetera:


“Bonus Stones” gained Neutron Imps.


”Hurry Pod” and “Random Boo” gained Double Sunflowers (I recycled all my Solar Winds).


Aaand, here’s another Deck That Is Fun!:


Conceptually, I’m trying really hard to make cards that I like good.


Like goats. 🐐.


And Secret Agent. Which seems to be in the high risk/high reward sub-category of cards-that-don’t-make-the-cut-in-competitive-decks (sets up any decent plant control deck for an easy 2-for-1, and is often a dead draw off the top... as when you can’t afford to lose a blocker, or sacrifice momentum, or the zombie you’d like to target has already been buffed). Someday, if such a thing is possible, I may properly crack Secret Agent. I don’t think I’ve done it yet... but this deck is probably the closest I’ve come.


Add Leprechaun Imp (recently crafted; I like it conceptually, but not nearly as good post-nerf) and Sychronized Swimmer (recently crafted; belongs in every Beastly deck with combo aspects), and I present to you: “Botanista,” a deck where Giant Goats, Tiny Men, and Zombies with trowels live in harmony with the common goal of EATING YOUR BRAINS.






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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★ Guide

Molekale! More Kale! More Mole! I’ve been a little obsessed with this guy lately. Not because he’s the best card in the game... but he’s fun!!


Good cards with Molekale:


Think, “Gee, if that thing got hit by a torpor orb, it would be unplayable.” Then back up a second, because torpor orb is a Magic card.


Basically, if it Enters the Battlefield (ETBs) to great effect, it’s a good card to upgrade. i.e. Jumping Bean, Bluesberry. You don’t play these cards for their p/t.


Cards bad with Molekale:


Haunted Pumpking, Tricarrotops. If you’re trying to upgrade these premium attackers randomly, you’re probably going to lose.


Careful, it’s a nombo!:


A nombo, if you don’t know, is Not a Combo, even though it seems like it should be. You probably aren’t looking for a random 4-drop when you play Imitator... but that’s what you get with Molekale. Imitator never sees Kale enter, and does not become a copy of it.


You want to be careful with three drops, too... especially i.e. Veloci-Radish Hunter, which seems like it should be a good target. You might get more Molekale, but you’re equally likely to hit Pineclone. Goodbye, Evolution chain.


Alright, here are some decklists... which are very much funsie-works-in-progress.

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★★★★ Newbie

Hey Punt its Payal,

You said you had a cheap Gourmet deck right? 

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Re: These Decks are Fun! (2.0)

★ Guide

@Paalshooter Not cheap, exactly. Cheaper than Huge Imps.


I’m glad you posted here, because I’ve really had to pace myself on posting too much on this thread and because making gourmet tribal was a lot of fun. Gourmet is probably one of the lesser supported types in PvZ, and without a “Lord” (something that pumps or effects all “gourmet” cards), I doubt it’s something most would consider doing.


I’m posting my Gourmet deck (Pic #1) as well as my Captain Mushrooms deck (which probably needs tweaking, but may very well be UL worthy as-is). The Gourmet deck holds water on UL and fulfills the “is fun” criteria. If you want to actually build Gourmet and don’t want to shell out for Teleports (the only Legend in the deck), these could be replaced by probably some combination of Beam Me Ups, Extinction Events, and/or environments. The Kings could also theoretically be replaced by other finishers, but crafting and finding good context for them (2000 dust a pop, half the cost of a legend) was sort of the reason I built the deck. (The Kings are fun but can also be a liability, especially in multiple. A non-insignificant percentage of games I’ve lost with this deck were because Kings in Lanes 1&2 filled my hand and I lost the ability to superblock.)


Anywho, thank you for your interest. And now, pictures. (In Mushrooms, some/all of the legends are non-essential and could be replaced by value mushrooms (Like Cosmic).)

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