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The balance between Plants & Zombies

by EA_Roger

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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@saintlydevilis I agree with you that fossilhead could use a little nerf. Going viral is not an issue of a card though. Honestly it's a pretty slow move at a 3 cost to not advance board state and only give the same stat boost as stormfront. The key thing that people take up issue with is frenzy. So just pack quick removal into you deck! Not hard. Solar, guardian, and kabloom all have good removal, and smarty has freeze at least. The advantage that mega grow can bring to the table is that it can "out-aggro" pretty much any zombie deck, in conjunction with any class. Personally, I prefer the removal route, with either a freeze deck(jolly holly, winter melon, chili pepper, they all work even against untrickable), or just a deck that packs squashes, berry blasts, that type of thing. If you can get rid of most zombies on the board, going viral doesn't pose a problem, in my eyes.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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Trouble is going viral on such high hit and health makes it lethal..going viral makes it frenzy, adds health..and with crypto brains, or medulla or brain vendo you can get extra brains to bring the viral in sooner, plus the card draw. 

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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Well you should take a picture of this then...just so you remember when you heard.
Second half of the expansion will be healing/life in ridonkulous amounts vs viral/stompadon or zomblob/medulla or whatever...
Just seems likely that solar power in next set will be another shift, and there's going to be crazy crazy very well crafted decks that you are going to have to face.

Speaking of... I played a league game last night vs a level 46, and just so for all of you guys complaining about the old version be dead? They were Rose, with an old(but still annoyingly good) freeeze deck, and beat me, which was not the point of this, makes no difference that I am still 34.
Does this make sense? I'm level 34, and he is what? All that means is that I have been slacking off lol. No, it means that I haven't been able to play much lately. I've been having charger issues, and for whatever reason, it would drain when I played and then trickle charge only. But I was finally able to get a new one so all is good
But back to what I was saying, so often guys are upset that they are diamond league and play taco or ultimate all the time...unless you didn't play last season, then you were playing with all these people, so how is it that some people have a harder path? This is where the money comes to play, because I have a better chance of having a card that I want turn up than if I only did the gem quests, because thats just about six packs worth a week, which isn't a lot to go on.
But keep in mind when you play in league, everyone dropped 20 levels, some play more often than others
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I played against a UL today and I'm currently 32 ( diamond) I won. But, after doing about 7 consistent wins, suddenly it's win 1, lose 2, win again, lose. When I find a good deck, I play a lot in game after game.. But I've noticed a pattern, with a new deck providing it's good, you can several wins, then slam.. You don't get that consistent win. I even had 2 games where I win cut out, Internet was fine. It's not the first time that's happened, it's happened to me loads of times. It's as if your not allowed to go through the ranks. 


Freeze decks, hmm.. Ive tried them but not consistent enough for me. I don't have rose, so tried them with green shadow. Yeah you can win, but not enough to rely on. Ive most of the freeze cards, but not all and I think you probably need them all to be any good. 


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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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As I have said before, free to play is always going to be inconsistent, unless you have been playing long enough to have most the cards.
It isn't the game keeping you down, it's a given that you will have more chance to get a card or twelve that you have no use for in the game you are in when you are free to play, if for no reason other than that it's doubtful you are going to have full sets of very many legendary, which results in the inconsistency
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I think that depends on how long you've been playing. I don't have all the cards, but its not like I half the cards. I don't have all the legendaries, but I can't imagine many do. I've some legendaries that I have 3 of, some 2 of, and of course 1. But when I make a deck, I make it to be as consistent as possible. So generally 3 of each card, or 4 of each card. I can still play a game with that scenario and find I have none of a certain card turn up. I did recycle all my twin sunflowers, (super rare) as I never use them. From that I made a super rare, but then, I need a deck that made extra sun.. and I had been hoping the solar winds card (which I have 1 of) would have completed. But, such is life I never get that in new pack. 


I really do wish we could trade in legendaries, to get the one you want. 


I wonder why they made some event cards 2000 to craft, and other only a 1000? I crafted a couple that were a 1000, and now they are 20000. But the recycle on those are still the same. 



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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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@saintlydevilisit's a good idea to play multiples of some of the cards in your deck. You have the right idea, for sure. That said, how many is all dependant on the deck you're running and cost of the cards. For example, it's almost always a good idea to run four bananasaurus when that is your closing card, but you really shouldn't ever need more than two of, say, cornucopia. Also, try to include cards that have extra value when played, cards draw being Paramount. The more card draw you have, the better your chance of getting to those cards you need. If you'd like, you can post the decks you like running (and it would be really helpful to post your available cards with them) and we can help you tighten them up a bit.

As for the event cards. The ones that cost 2k were only available for sale. They weren't part of an event (from my understanding). That said, they are also exceptionally powerful cards. Most of the ones that cost 2k could easily be legendaries (not all, but cards like leprechaun and zombology teacher, definitely), so while 2k is a lot (and the recycle value is a joke), it's actually a pretty good cost, depending in the card.


@jakeman102201 i don't think that any of the cards themselves need an actual nerf.  i think that untrickable itself needs a nerf.  if a card is untrickable, that should be it's value, it shouldn't be able to recieve benefit from friendly tricks either.  and again...  i'd really like to see a silence effect added to this game.  with the direction it's headed, eventually there will have to be minions and tricks that can remove lasting effects from other cards.  i think either one of these would do wonders for the game without throwing off the balance.  


while i do find that the game is balanced at the higher levels of play, i understand how frustrating it can be when you just don't have the cards available to you to take on the threats that the game is throwing at you when new sets launch. i think these changes can help bring more balance back to the game all the way through the ranks without really nerfing any cards along the way, or making them less viable at higher levels of play.


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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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With the event cards, I don't recall, but was defensive end available to all, or just by real coin? Anyways, I noticed that he is only 1000 sparks, but didn't know if that was missed, or if it was like bad moon rising
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies


i think he was the first event of this year, available to all.  i could be mistaken, though


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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I can't remember exactly when I started pvzh, but I remember the first time I saw it advertised at the beginning of pvz2, I checked the trailer and downloaded the game. But I had a hard time finding wifi at that time because where I lived there was none. So Starbucks wasn't that far, but I don't like going and sitting somewhere without buying anything, and alot of the time I was outside against the building and check my games at that time (was really into real racing 3) I think I started playing finally sometime around when lillies were available for coin. Pre purchase I assume, but I can't say for sure, I remember that though it was right around then I started and the events at the start for me was almost impossible since I was lucky to maybe play about an hour online a day, and since there was no random battle, what I would do was make the best two decks possible with the cards I had for my 10x heroes, and then I would do the missions on the 10x so I could get as much as I possibly could, and I was lucky to get 1 or 2 event cards, and then I got full time wifi at home in June, and that's that lol
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