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The balance between Plants & Zombies

by EA_Roger

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I win more with my zombies than my plant decks.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I really dismiss every time someone says that the game is unbalanced, and already.

many users simply arrive and say: the game is unbalanced, EA fix please, and they leave... 

imagine if you are a developer, what can you do? nothing.


This is a forum, if you think the game is unbalanced, explain clearly why, say the names of the plants / zombies, which cards are making the imbalance, and why? give suggestions, discuss, debate and debate. 

If you think that zombies are better, understand that that is too big an assertion, you are messing with a lot, I really do not understand, when they say '' the plants are better, that, bye ''  what's your proposal? eliminate the entire saga of plants and that there are only zombies? ¿?

 Since I've entered this forum since the first season, I've always seen the same number of players saying ''Plants are OP, Zombies are OP'' at the same time, It has always been a closed survey with 48% on one side and 52% other side. There was even a time, where there were two thread here, and both were contradicted. 


It has been proven that the developers DO listen to the debates, the cards ''Clique Peas and Venus Flytrap'' they were modified, and they were precisely those that were under debate in this forum for a long time, I do not think it's a coincidence. 


Zombies and plants are different too, even I can do well with beans, and deck of flowers, but I can go terrible with a deck of berries... that does not mean that the deck of beans is OP and berry deck is weak. That simply means that I can play very well with beans, and I'm terrible with berry and i need to practice and learn.


I win a lot more with plants, but I recognize, that I always become a mess trying to make decks for zombies. I have also been touched by opponents that leave me surprised with their zombie decks, everything perfectly calculated, I see them from time to time, and if they can do it, I think that many of us can reach that level. 



This message is for those who enter unexpectedly, and they simply complain, do not debate or offer solutions, they only complain. If you don't do this, please do not feel alluded


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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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That has nothing to do with the question he asked you, or the point he was attempting to get across.
There are still some plant decks that I am sure win more often than zombies, the only thing is that you will rarely get to see it, and that's because the difficulty level of the deck is too high for most people to bother with.
And this is true for zombies also, the issue is, and will always be, that the "meta" dictates the flow of the masses. And that is because the majority of people are the players that probably go online for the "op deck of the moment" and play it to death. Meaning until the start to lose noticeably more, because nobody is foolish enough to believe that they should win every game or their deck sucks....(I would say thats an inside least for anyone that understands what I mean)
Then those players go and find the next big thing, or as close as they can come/afford.
That'll never change my friend, but there are many people who don't follow the rest of the lemmings, and create their own "metas" I hate that word, because it is basically synonymous with laziness, if you want my opinion(if not you're still getting it) because it was someone else that had their little grey cells working, and the rest just reap the rewards of someone smarter, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Obviously not all people are able to make a good deck. One that flows well, and just feels right. And there are young players that very possibly play because their dad or mom or older sibling plays, and it is something they can play together, but you can't expect the little ones to build a decent deck, not immediately anyways...
Back to the original's plenty of players that keep in their own lanes and probably aren't nearly as concerned about balance aa others, but the way you play the game makes a huge difference between winning and losing, even when the same choices are available.
I'm not trying to make excuses, and I don't have to fluff my ego,or anyone else' I will say this plain...
You have to take a moment and assess your gameplay. I had to change my game, and it is not easy to play two very different play styles when playing plants or zombies. Because I cannot play the game that I play as a plant when I am playing with my zombies, and it took me a while to figure out how to make the switch, but it makes a big difference in win/loss differential or did for me, and I don't have much concern for whether or not I have a better win/loss with one side or the other.
I find myself wondering more about hero to hero comparison more than plant/zombie, but I can't see my view being anything close to the majority
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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Eh. I’m done for now until the next round of nerfing. I used to have a handful of competitive plant decks and would work my way up to ultimate league each season. Sometimes slower or quicker than others. But now I get smoked way too many times in a row for it to be enjoyable. Conman with the unkillable history trick . Stompadon plus virus. The untrickable instant death avalanche. Zombies have way too many cheap early easy no skill decks that just avalanche even a clever player early.

There are surely decks that can handle the too-early onslaught of high damage killers. Or durable. But I don’t have the cards and will no longer spend any more to get them.

For the longest time I played for free and despite a shallow deck I could win and learn and it was enjoyable. Then actually bought cards a couple of times and enjoyed the plant decks I built. But bad luck and bad timing, as soon as I spent real money on the game the Colossal deck dropped in and suddenly the cards I paid to get were worthless and pointless.

Futility isn’t fun. I’m an okay player. Can build a decent deck. Or used to before the most recent wave of cards hit.

But now the seesaw has tilted so far that it’s just no fun to play. Ok maybe I just got worse. But I’ve been playing for a while and other sets never had this far of a pendulum swing.

It gets tedious. You see the same zombie decks again and again and there’s no room to play more that the optimized few on the plant side. Little room for creativity on a budget anymore. So yeah. I’m out. I may peek in every now and again to see if there are changes wiothout infkstion and power creep. But as it stands. Eh. It’s just not fun right now.
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I would like to see no nerfs in the next update. Plants are getting many strong cards(personally I think the game is balanced but this comment is for the sake of those who don't share that sentiment)in the next update, and I would like to see how they interact with the current meta. Then, if any further buffs/nerfs are needed, they can be made 2-3 weeks after the update.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I don't even like clique peas, but I would like to see them reverse the neutering and see what happens
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I would say, as a player who plays every day mostly as a free to play, player that the plants need something to fight back. I've been playing for over a year, and gradually the game has become harder. It does seem since colossal has been released the zombies have been given a huge caffeine shot. Yes, its possible to fight back.. but how often does the deck draw let you down in those first few opening rounds..making it pointless to continue the game. The zombies have a lot of card draw/conjure beside tricks, then buff up their zombies.. I can be sat waiting my turn, while a zombie player plays card after card after card.. why can they do this? because they have so many brains due environments as well as other methods. I think your gonna find those who wish to play only as plants are going to stop playing, unless like me they've already invested alot of time into this game.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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Yep. I’ve built a few decks that I can win with if I’m both lucky and clever. Even defeated some of the tougher new zombie colossal ugky decks. But as zombies you don’t even need to be clever or lucky. Just go viral. Stompadon. Fossilhead. Over and over and over.

I’ve spent like 25-30 on the game over the past year or so. But no more. I’m waiting on the next round of nerfs. I guess this is their business model. Or too few people were playing zombies. But eh. I used to take a week or so to reach level 50 and loved the competition. Now i see the same screen name a day later playing zombies and they’ve jumped five ranks playing the same combo of cards. I’d love to see the win/loss stats on who is playing what decks and which card shows up most often in those winning decks. I bet zombies are flooding the board right now. I know I never have to wait for a zombie opponent any more. I guess that’s good.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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Oh and the double damage card is pretty broken too.
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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@shankylanks binary stars is OP? No offense bro, but you must not be in a high league yet. Trust me, as you progress, you will see how bad they are. Such bad stats for a 5 coster, and they usually die after one turn. Otherwise dancing decks would be the absolute meta. They're fun, but not top-tier

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