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The balance between Plants & Zombies

by EA_Roger

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The balance between Plants & Zombies

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We’ve had some feedback from our champions on this matter which is why I want to jump in. @daalnnii@GrinningRuiner & @jaydabbler have pointed out that there has been a lot of conversations around the different factions/decks in PvZ Heroes, about some being more “over powered” than others.


There has always and will always be discussions like this for card strategy games, I’ve played many of these games myself and in all honesty the faction I always find stronger is the one I play against. In Plants vs. Zombies there are even factors like draw luck that enter into account. This means that even if you consider your faction weaker it may not always be the case depending on the hand you and your opponent kick off the round with.


One thing is certain is that neither the Plants or the Zombies dominate the game, for a game in which one faction plays against the other this could never work out. The game itself would never have made it this far. We want the discussions on the forum to reflect that in a certain aspect. Plants & Zombies, decks & cards, all have their strengths but also their weaknesses. That's what makes this game so interesting, some players know the game inside out and how to use this to their advantage without giving a second thought. This is why strengths and weaknesses of these components is what is also more interesting to discuss, than whether or not you find a certain fraction stronger than the other. 

I will leave this conversation open for discussion, as long as the conversation remains constructive. Standard smile



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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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First! jk


Can someone post a  link to this page every time someone makes a new thread complaining about Plants or Zombies being stronger than the other? that would be great.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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Yeah, I second that @UniVoidz. Some of the threads are like broken records...just going over the same thing, again, and again, and again....
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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What you say sounds sensible. Already there are two people who agree with your post but how is this post different from any other post that deals with one side being stronger than the other?

It is doubtful that there is any way to proof that one side is superior to the other because first you have to define what that means. Does it mean that the plants win more overall or that the top tier players prefer one over the other thereby knocking down the lower level players and keeping them down there?

Really without imperical data what the op is saying is just an opinion. Why not release global stats on all battles? Numbers say a lot but they can only tell us as much as we let them tell us. But I doubt this will happen.
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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I'd take a better look at his name up there... This isn't your standard poster. Just saying...
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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On another thread I ve read of the healing which is very strong on plant side. I feel when I play zombies as longer the game is as lower is my chance to win. Except nurse gargantua there is not really much viable heal. Additionally I feel that with my plant decks I have on almost every hero a healing ace which saves my * if it’s getting too dangerous. MAssive damage in the early game is my tactic with zombies (deadly frenzy or strike) right now.I have not been very successful with other strategies. Maybe I just suck at control decks idk. My plant decks are very flexible and almost each strategy works well. I would also love to see some stats eg. 


how many people play plants / zombies

how is the win ratio


i bet 50€ that there are much more plant players right now 😄


PS: @EA_Roger Regarding your advantage disadvantage thing please tell me what clique peas disadvantage is.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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CP disadvantage is that it floods your deck eventually. (yes, technically that can be a 'bad' thing). for example, not pulling an environment when you need to overwrite something, or a rocket to remove something etc etc

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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OP is actually an EA official statement btw.

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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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What's your point? A statement does not equal a fact.
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Re: The balance between Plants & Zombies

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Well here are some facts.
The fact that EA Roger addressed the issue, thank you for that by the way, and all that you've done is try to poke holes in something that isn't there, speaks for itself.

That is the closest thing to talking to a dev as you're gonna get on these forums and on these issues. You need to take it for what it says...and it is not much different than what many others are saying.
Basically that any dog can have its day...

And he also said that it is never going to be cut and dry as to which is more powerful.
The fact that the randomness of card draw comes into play, which is why we are not ever going to have a definitive answer.
Also skill level is too much a factor to have the black and white list of plants vs zombies mean anything
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