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Re: The Meta Has Shifted To Plants

by UniVoidz

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The Meta Has Shifted To Plants

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With the latest nerf to several zombie cards, as a plant main I thought everyone uninstalled the game! Then I did a quick experiment. I went into ranked and played as a zombie. I entered a game, hit concede, and did it again for five times in a row. The average waiting time to get a match as a zombie is now roughly 5 seconds max. As a plant I've had waiting times up to 30 seconds. Prior to the update this was opposite.

Kind of annoying how the majority of the player base only follows trends. Guess I can't really complain though. I'm happy they balanced some of the strong zombie cards, but I'm sure this happens in every single game you play. Everyone will always follow the strongest plays.
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Re: The Meta Has Shifted To Plants

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I'm having no trouble finding match ups when playing plants, but neither did I have trouble finding match ups playing as zombies before the update (maybe just a fortunate timezone thing). One thing I can guarantee though is that the meta is and forever will be changing. This happens with all card games. There will almost never be a scenario where all decks are equally good. In a way this can be annoying, but it also keeps the game fresh in some ways (providing the nerfs are enough).

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Re: The Meta Has Shifted To Plants

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i still have a op zombie impfinitey deck made of deadly imps
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Re: The Meta Has Shifted To Plants

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Deadly imps are scary..

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Re: The Meta Has Shifted To Plants

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Yeah I don't think deadly imps will ever go away. Still one of the strongest builds to make for zombies, imo. Hyper aggression coupled w/ the ability to take any size plant out w/ a 1/1.

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