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Thanks, AI

by puntwothree

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Thanks, AI

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I just played the daily challenge with only a Evo’d Headhunter online and two Binary Stars in hand that I had had no opportunity to play. The AI had a 3/4 Bullseye pea in the water and two lanes without Headhunter filled with plants. I was at 2. My opponent was at like... 15? And had four or five cards in hand.


I had literally nothing good worth doing, no way of dealing with the bullseye guy, so I said “What the heck,” and dropped a Binary Stars in the last open lane, hoping for some magic.


The AI thought this was a great opportunity to draw two cards (superpower), leave both my Headhunter AND gravestone unopposed, and play Plant Food... not on the bullseye pea but on a vanilla plant to trigger my super block.


Super block gave me my two 1/1 dancers, which triggered Headhunter. Headhunter and Binary won me the game.


I mean, is the AI programmed to throw games? Is there an AI gambling ring? If so, I want in.

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