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Re: Some feedback for my deck??

by puntwothree

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Some feedback for my deck??

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Hi everyone! Some advices to improve my Rose deck?



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Re: Some feedback for my deck??

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It would be very useful if you could show us all the cards you have (solar - smarty) so we can make suggestions with the cards you have.



I see your deck looks good in removal and control, assuming this with the aim of reaching the turns 6 onwards and using the legendary ones that you have, but it is somewhat complicated, it seems that the victory of your deck depends on those legendary that are in your deck.


I would look for a way to do more damage in the first turns. ElderBerry, It is a great option that goes very well with solar winds, and can help you do good damage in turn 4.

in this post you can see what I mean with Elderberry + Solar winds:


for now it's what I can think of to help

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Re: Some feedback for my deck??

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I concur mostly with Blazin... gut reaction here is you have a massive curve.

And the high end of that curve are some serious bombs, I just worry that you’re going to die holding them. A lot of aggressive decks are going to aim to kill you before you’ve got that much sun, even with the solar winds and the double sunflowers.

The only thing I disagree with is a need to “do damage” earlier. A deck like this, which screams Control, will likely win if your first plant down is one of your bombs and you never trigger super block. I’d work on lowering your curve by choosing a couple high-cost plants you can do without and replace them with plants that are going to trade (/not do damage) and/or removal/heal spells.

Edit: Elderberry does work well as an “early” Bomb if you go that route.
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