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Re: Share your decks!

by valandorn

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Share your decks!

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So, this is the deck that im currently running. Its a pretty basic freeze deck, just modified it and changed some cards. What's your favorite deck? 

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Re: Share your decks!

★ Guide

I like your deck name. Kudos.

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Re: Share your decks!

★ Guide

This deck I’ve been having fun with the last couple of days. Goal early game is to wait until turn 3 to drop a Dr. What on a chest for -2 cost and follow with a Triplify or superpower generator turn 4. Mustache sub-theme for distraction and to eventually cast Dark Moon Rising.


You are very much at the whim of the RNG.

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Re: Share your decks!


One of my favorite creations.  A ton of fun to play, and lots of synergy and utility.

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Re: Share your decks!

★★★★ Novice

I used to play with a similar deck of yours then switched to a Sports one then switched to Pack of Zombensteinz and then I raged the Fuh out and scraped all my legendarys all my cards and switched to this bad boy.

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