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Savage Spinach Update

by npgibbs

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Savage Spinach Update

★ Guide

I invested a ton of sparks to get 4 Spinach prior to update only to feel rather foolish about it. After update I feel like a genius. I cannot wait to give it for a test run.


* Choy

Pea Patch

Savage Spinach


Pea Patch + Savage Spinach are a match made in heaven. Don't forget the Leafy Umbrella!

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Re: Savage Spinach Update

★ Guide
Just played my first (casual) match with this deck:

4 Savage Spinach
4 Umbrella Leaf
4 Pea Patch
4 Captain Cucumber
4 * Choy

And a bunch of low cost plants. Pulled a Pea Patch and Savage Leaf at the start so half the battle was finished. Ended up with two 3 attack Captain Cukes by turn 5 and a 2 attack Umbrella Leaf.

Boy does this make for an interesting hand. The biggest issue with Captain Cuke was the 1 attack made him so easy to remove but that 3 attack is the sweet spot.

I am at level 40 and will see how well I fare with it. I just need to figure out which Mega Grow plant this works best with. I am thinking an intriguing one may be Grass Knuckles - High health nuts with team up ability? Imagine playing a Wall Nut with 2/6, a water chestnut with 2/8 or a Pea-Nut with 4/4 all with team up?
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