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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

by npgibbs

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Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

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★ Guide

This is an updated version of an old AOE deck I made. It has enough healing to get you to the end game and enough crowd control AOE cards to dispatch at least three zombies at the same time if the situation presents itself. Enjoy this deck! It's a high win rate deck when played correctly.


Next season  my focus will be on a berry deck. Cheers!

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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

★★★ Apprentice

A healing deck with no Heartichoke?


This deck brings up a question that I ask myself when I am building a deck:


Do I increase strengths or reduce weaknesses?


Wingnut is not AoE nor do you have any other nuts so that is anti monument/jokester?

Why the Lima Bean?


So the question is do you accept exploitations like bonus attacks or do you water down your deck to defend against them?


You opted out of other AoE like Snapdragon and Winter Melon. I would pick Snap Dragon over regular melon as it costs 1 less, same aoe only 1 health less. I would also then carry 1 less Rotobaga, 1 less Lima bean (if you really insist on having it) and add 2 Briar Rose.


I like the deck. But I really would suggest Heartichoke as a must include. When all hope is lost the direct damage on heal can win matches and you have tons of healing.


I love Rose. Play her 100% of the time now. Used to play Solar Flare.

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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

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It's not a healing deck. It has healing aspects to it, but healing is not the purpose of this deck. It's AoE.

Wingnut because the meta of double attack is still prevalent among zombie decks.

Lima Bean is a cheap card that's a good burner or end game card. I mandatorily run 4 in every deck of Rose I play. It's too good.

I've used Snap Dragon and Winter Melon in the past, but they were always taken out extremely quickly compared to base melon.

<3 Roto. Works wonders in this deck. I run Heartichoke in my healing deck, but this isn't a healing deck. It's a health sustain deck until the end game.
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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

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I do not think I would ever think of Lima Bean as too good but I guess everyone's playing style is different.

Rotobaga is just too fragile for me. I like the card and I used to carry it for pesky water lane zombies and zombies that move when you enter the lane. So I go for broke and use shooting starfruit now.

One less health with Snap Dragon will have that drawback. But you do get it on the board for cheaper, it does the same damage, and it being a flower make is more versatile if you play Power Flower, Briar Rose. But for your deck that is moot.

I will look out for your berry deck. I would love to build a good one because at turn 5 and up the chain attacks get really powerful. I seem to have trouble controlling the board until it gets to that point.
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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

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★ Guide

Roto is also one of my favorite plant cards. It’s fragile, but the occasions when you can stick it on a Grapes of Wrath make it worthwhile.


Not really adding much to deck discussion here... just speaking up for my Roots.


Lima is absolutely and without question one of the strongest cards in the game. I agree that it doesn’t “fit” your theme, here. I also agree that it never needs to....

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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE


Sweet potato is the strongest card in the game, everyone knows that!..  ... Don't they?

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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

★★★ Guide

I've always been thinking that the melon is totally useless, I have always found it expensive and its stats bad compared to others, you have given value to our friend from the first game of pvz. Good job ! Shocked

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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

★★★ Guide

@npgibbs wrote:

A healing deck with no Heartichoke?

In my experience, I ended up taking out Heartchoke of my decks of healing, I started reducing it because it always got in my way without much to offer, until I removed the last, and all my healing decks were better, just Pepper and easy ways to heal its enough. Killing the enemy with Heartchoke has become difficult with the quick decks of zombies, especially pets / dances cards. I remember when the environment + Heartchoke + heal combination was something OP in this game ... the game has changed a lot.

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Re: Rose Ultimate Deck AOE

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I agree with you on Heartichoke and Venus. I never pick the environment in my Solar Healing decks.


Honestly, Heartichoke has saved matches for me. The direct damage before your turn is over is a game changer. Not to mention with an Astrovera that is 10 instadamage. In my experience Zombie players remove it from the board at all costs.

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