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Rose Deck Ultimate League... Again

by ThCakeIsALie

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Rose Deck Ultimate League... Again

★★ Guide
Just in time for the next season, this time I wanted to challenge myself by playing a pre-made deck I bought a while back. Yes, I made it to ultimate league by this pre-made deck. Was really hard, but it was possible. With this deck you have to really play for the long haul which means Imp decks are your worst enemy. Try out this deck for a good challenge!

Next season I'm going to try another plant pre-made. Any suggestions?
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Re: Rose Deck Ultimate League... Again

★ Guide

Rose is really special. I always liked her but I could never put together a good deck. Until I realized that freeze decks are too draw dependent for my liking so after going in a different direction I made UL this season playing her most of the way.


Rose is the most disruptive plant hero in the game. Sure sometimes her Transmogrify backfires on you (multiple times I have change a 1 cost zombie into the same zombie or given the player an out of class upgrade like teacher zombie only too see a barrage of tricks) but it can kill a deck's strategy.


I play a Heal Flower deck - Briar Rose, Poppin Poppies, Heartichoke (without environment), Aloesaurus, Astro Vera. I threw two Dark Matter Dragonfruit and my secret sauce card in there and got to UL easier than my other attempts.


The secret sauce - Eyespore.


You should try it out in your control deck as it could lend some synergy. Instant removal with no Zombie restriction and takes care of untrickables. * you cannot take out amphibious and you consume it but it only cost 2 sun (plus if you use a poppy that cost stays at 2 sun).


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