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Rose AOE Deck - Ultimate League

by ThCakeIsALie

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Rose AOE Deck - Ultimate League

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★ Guide

I understand this is a very expensive deck... It's my most expensive deck I've ever made. I sold every zombie legendary and almost every zombie super rare card for this deck... Rose being my favorite. If you don't have every card, feel free to stick to the general theme.


This deck does extremely well all around. With a ton of crowd control, this deck is all about attacking multiple lanes. I tried using Tricorn, but Tricorn usually doesn't last passed the second turn he's out. For 6 sun it was too hard of a waste.


Unlike most decks you'll want to play right to left. Place your first plant in the amphibious spot or the right lane and then put an AOE plant to the left of it and so on. If your opponent can't kill the plant on the right there's a chance your next plant will protect the one on the right.


Extremely easy deck to win with once you get the hang of it. Most times you lose will be because of fluke games which always happens to everyone. As always, imp decks are your worst enemy as a Rose player.


Cheers! 😊

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Re: Rose AOE Deck - Ultimate League

★★★ Apprentice

Rose has taken me to UL two seasons in a row now. I got from 30 to 41 in 5 days and then stalled.


Like your deck I play Rotobaga Basketball, Shrinking Violet Basketball, Poppin Poppies Basketball, Dragon Fruit Football, Astrovera (I only have 1).


I rotate in and out Ketchup Mechanic.


My deck is very different as I went Briar Rose Flower Deck. I noticed though I started to get beaten badly when I hit 41, especially by HG. I still do not do well against this matchup and I carry Solar Winds. How does your deck fare considering you do not carry any environments?


I advise any smarty deck in the Taco league to carry Shrinking Violet. Some of the most dangerous cards will be killed off by this - Dr. Spacetime, Stompadon, Teleportation Zombie, Deadly Imp Decks centered around Toxic Waste Imp. It immediately boosted the effectiveness.


I love Rose. She has the most disruptive superpowers in the game but you just have to be very careful on when to use them.

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Re: Rose AOE Deck - Ultimate League

★ Guide
I used to carry environments until I noticed the trend for playing environments became only for counter attacks to the plant playing environments. Sometimes the opponent will have environments, but will never play theirs unless you play yours first. This is good. Being about AoE damage, you can simply play your plants in the space before it to do damage to them. Not only that, but not carrying environments opens your hand to either getting that plant you needed or that trick you needed. Nothing worse than needing a plant and you get four environments four turns in a row. You lost.
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Re: Rose AOE Deck - Ultimate League

★★★ Apprentice
I carry 3 environments and in my opinion the most useful one to in the Solar deck - Solar Winds. But there are some worrying environments that I would figure you do not want sitting on the board.
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