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Re: Repeated 10x hero

by chenyingjoe

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Repeated 10x hero

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For the last few weeks, I've already saw Rose as 10x for 4weeks, and Wall-Knight, Chompzilla for 2 weeks. Its like Rose -> Chompzilla -> Rose -> WK and repeat again.


Not sure what happened, but I hope I won't saw Rose as 10x hero next week.



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Re: Repeated 10x hero

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there is an error that is causing some of us to constantly repeat the same heroes. I sent a message but you can also do it to let it be known that the error is more common, and so fix it faster, I have been receiving Knuckles and NightCap since January/February, I have not suffered much because both are my favorite heroes lol.


Anyway, you can click on '' contact us ''  and  search Plants vs Zombies Heroes and then report a bug (It was the channel that I used, I hope it's the right one). 

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Re: Repeated 10x hero

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I can add I've been stuck with Citron and Green Shadow. Sometimes it doesnt change it just stays as either Green Shadow or Citron. But I've not just Nightcap, Spudow, SolarFlare or Rose this year. As I keep saying the game is getting worse, the more EA has had control the less the game is fun. Gradually they will turn everyone off.

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Re: Repeated 10x hero

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Already reported the bugs. Thanks.


Sad. It seems the game is getting very few resources to maintain.

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Re: Repeated 10x hero

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Yup, this is definitely an issue. This is where I agree that Popcap is not doing a good job and needs to improve.

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