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Pvz Heroes 2019 problems

by Big82S

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Re: Where have all the good times gone?

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I beg to differ.


This post was about problems with the game. My post was about problems with the forum. They are unrelated; moreover, my post makes no sense here.


It does make sense that there were “no replies,” because the average user was not the target audience of my post.


I understand the consolidation argument. But I don’t think that’s what happened. Because I can scroll back as far as I wish and I can’t find any of the general Discussion (RIP) threads I worked so hard to cultivate.


They were not consolidated, they were relegated to the distant backwaters of the internet. Someone hit “delete” on hundreds of man hours of thoughtful and enthusiastic game discussion.


I thought PvZ might die out slowly due to stagnation, but I didn’t think it was possible for EA to actively make my experience worse. Thank you for proving me wrong.

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Re: Pvz Heroes 2019 problems

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As much as I dislike Dark matter dragon fruit I would keep the splash damage but still nerf the 6 cost of zombie tricks to something less. even Gargantuan Football zombie dude. zombie doesn’t nerf plant tricks that much. where’s our nerfing legendary card to nerf plant tricks. plant tricks are just as vital to plants as they are to if not more as tricks are to zombies.



also I’ve noticed some people will have names that are in english that you just can’t friend as if they are ghosts. is that a bot or real person lol. also I have noticed crashing once in a great while. the sound will go wonky then boom the game crashes.

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Re: Pvz Heroes 2019 problems

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If you’re biggest threat s Raa zombie then you’re doing it wrong. you’d need flag carrier short game to make raa even viable. also the triassic turquoise zombie dude as well. that’s also specifically if you get that combo to link it up. all someone has to do is drop a dark matter dragon fruit n be like that is a one man plant army. it’s like having stacked a stacked combo in one drop. and there’s so much sun producing plants to just drop it early game and be like bam easy win. that’s the exactly thing i’d expect a evil plant lover to say lol.... also i do grow pumpkins in real life this year cause #pumpkinlife

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