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Re: PvZ Heroes: Game coming to an end?

by blinddouble

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Re: PvZ Heroes: Game coming to an end?

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@patdk75 wrote:
It is not so much "the grind" for me as it is the "well now what?"
I honestly don't know how people can climb to UL and then just be content to post on Facebook or wherever their 1500 stars! Actually I have to admit that impressed me. That's a lot of dedication, no matter how much you hate players that chase stars.... But really, there's the problem...why's it that the players get the bad rap? They are playing the game and the game hasn't done anything so the ULers have options once reaching 50.

I don’t have a problem with 50ers continuing ranked except the ones using QDCM and Fossil Head. Lazy wins to me. Anyone can win more than lose with those cards. 

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Re: PvZ Heroes: Game coming to an end?

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I hear that. But I say that its the same thing for the teacher and viral loop until she and a leprechaun are 14/14 frenzy lol. I'm not going to sit around and wait for you to show me that my 3 year old niece could be a ULer with a deck similar to the one you are beating me.... I just concede and move on. I don't even care, that * is worse than the clique peas because the peas were just crazy to deal with, you don't have to wait five minutes to finally get to attack phase
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Re: PvZ Heroes: Game coming to an end?

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I’ve been wondering if after this set of going through all the event cards that we will get so em new ones. I know there’s ones we haven’t seen from the game yet. Also just a thought but there is the mod versions of PVZ so even though they aren’t legit plants or zombies. Maybe they can be put in if they are original enough. Meaning popcap buys the artwork from the creators.




anything to refresh and keep the life blood of this game thriving.

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Re: PvZ Heroes: Game coming to an end?

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I agree that the game is coming to the end but not because of no new cards. It is because I feel it is not interested to play anymore. For new players, you will be lost and lost and lost because you do not have enough good cards to fight to other professional players. For old players, all of you will have pretty much the same cards, meaning is the one who could draw better cards or even the one who adds more legendary cards will win.


To me, now, this game is just like tarot. If I play and win, I am lucky. If I lose, I am not lucky. Nothing about technique relates to me anymore.

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Re: PvZ Heroes: Game coming to an end?

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Ever since condition-win cards became more common (Flytraplanet + Heartichoke, or Disco Dance Floor + Space Cowboy) the game became incredibly boring and much more focused on pay to win. Buy the combos, win the matches.

Deck types have been incredibly predictable. If you play as a zombie, it's almost always berry decks or cycle cap mushrooms. Plants have the same issue with aggro decks. It's so predictable and while you can build decks against that, it doesn't make winning fun, and that's the biggest issue now.


Oh, and this would have been fixed if the devs were given the resources and incentives to actually do something good for this game and player base. Oh! And fix the * bugs that have been around for months and months.


I've stopped playing ads or giving money to EA due to this lazyness. Forums are dying too. Good job.

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