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PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and Cons

by daalnnii

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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and *

★★★ Newbie

1) Sour Grapes (Berry Plant) able to kill most of the Sneaky's army that are less than 2 health.


2) Sneaky is one of the Heroes that is unable to HEAL himself neither any of its army able to do so, hence blast it with your Green Shadow's Precision Blast or Grass Knuckles' Power Pummel ability to zap away 25% of his overall health.


3) Recently, the developer has increased the number of brains required for Medulla Nebula (environment) from 2 to 3 brains, it increases the difficulty for Sneaky to amass brains in a short time.


4) Sneaky has very few ambitious army, you may want to increase yours and use it against it. Example, a cheat card,  Admiral Navy Bean (a cheating card with so much ability with very low consumption of sun light!!!).


5) Can't help much if the Sneaky player has Teleport card but not many player has it as it cost 4,000 to craft it unless, it a rich player who willing to spend on this game.


that's all folks.

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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and *

★★ Guide

I think the daily challenges need a bit of work.


The puzzle ones where you have to win in one move are generally clever, instructive, and fun.  However, could we please remove the ones where the player is given a garbage deck with no synergy and no decent cards, and the CPU is given an awesome deck where every card benefits every other card, plus has special rules that help the CPU far more than the player?  Those ones are more frustrating than fun.

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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and *

★★★★ Guide
I agree with you on that. There are usually two days out of the week that are completely luck driven decks it seems. You are given a starting hand with all high casting cost cards(at least my challenge anyways) like 4 and 5 amd and even of you swapped for another, usually it's not any better.
It seems like the challenge is to overcome the first three rounds and then try to catch up on the cpu opponent, which again is more lucky and frustrating than challenging and fun.
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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and *

★★ Apprentice

PLEAAAAAASE! Chat function would be super funny! And trade cards with other people! And nerve cliquepeas. Everything else is fine Standard smile

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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and *

★★★★ Guide
I honestly can't see chat with this being an all ages game, imagine a 7 year old playing and gets lucky a few times in the never know who is on the other side. But I still think they should make it so you can message friends while only one of you are online.
Really would make sense.
And trading cards will almost certainly never happen because it is too easy to cheat and "registered players" will skyrocket...if you follow me..
I only say this not to rain on your hopes there, but because of another game I used to play online MLB Dugout Heroes. And the game forum was waaaaay more active there, and one guy who was, I guess he would be like our "champions" he ran most the forum and put on monthly tournament(s).
Anyways this guy started an online petition for us to trade players. Because you could get allstar or regular of same guy, and if you had a cub and I had a brewer, and we both were playing with the team of the players the other guy had, why's it that we can't just swap?
They actually answered. For real. And said a bunch of blah blah that they've got to say, and basically it would be too difficult to figure if someone is making multiple accounts and making one allstar team.
And we even specifically said about player rating had to be within a certain limit(like for pvzh you could trade rare for rare but not for superrare. We asked for damn near straight across trading and they said no go to that as well.
Hopefully I get proven wrong, but most likely not.
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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and Con Men

★★★★★ Apprentice

Pros and QuickDraw Con Man

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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and Con Men

[ Edited ]
★ Guide
Pros: 1) Really rather unique battle style with the plants/zombies split. I’ve been playing Magic for a decade + now (I’m not going to say exactly how long, that could be embarrassing...) but keep returning to this game because it is so different/refreshing. Conceptually I love the “conjure” ability that gives access to cards outside your class (and similar aspects that both randomize the game and make it impossible to replicate with physical cards). Some of the mechanics take some getting used to (i.e., “untrickable” cards are not exactly “shroud” and not exactly “hexproof”... you can target them with tricks, your opponent can target them with abilities), but you learn to love the quirks, because that’s what make the game interesting.

2) The Good Guy / Bad Guy dynamic is probably this game’s heart and soul. Since I was little/little I’ve loved the “villain” songs in Disney movies for their low-octave minor chords, even if I did not identify with the villains. It’s fun to play “bad.” But I feel like a lot of games make you pick a side/team when you join. In this game you can pass freely back and forth, and that makes it really cool.

I have more #s for my *, but they are also much more petty. Obviously, I wouldn’t play the game if I didn’t like it.

1) Conditional Cards. I don’t like them. It’s a pet peeve. Therefore, I don’t like that the game forces you to play them if you want access to certain characters. The most irksome example for me is Cut Down to Size, which can be either the best possible draw in the game or completely useless all game long, depending on situation. “Cut” alone actively forced me away from Super Brainy and makes me dislike Rustbolt when I draw it. I think it would be cool if we could pick four superpowers out of a pool of five or “shuffle” one back at the start of the game if we did not like it (like we can do with other cards). This would preserve the random aspect of superpowers, I believe, but also give us either some customizability and/or chance to make a strategy decision.

2) type-dependent cards. i.e., “sports evolution.” I don’t like being driven to play one type of plant/zombie. I would prefer more more general-purpose cards (both sides) that I could feel smarter about finding ways of putting together. This is a similar qualm to “conditional cards.”

3) As stated again and again here, being able to replay missions would be awesome. The final Citron Mission (for the zombie side) in particular I don’t like b/c it takes waaay too long for the game to load and for the AI to think. I think. I’d much rather custom-pick earlier missions.

4) I wish there were some form of optional discard. It’s frustrating when you have a fistful of plants or zombies with no lanes available, but can’t draw new cards b/c your hand is full. Or maybe you want that Birds of Paradise conjure but your hand has no room for it. If you could choose to discard a card every turn (or not to), that would improve your options and I think be a net positive for the game.
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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and Con Men

★★★★ Guide
I agree with you that a discard of some sort is needed, even if you lose that turn still, but if you can't play and cant draw, all that's left is to wait for the opposition to take their time and play a dozen cards per turn...
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Re: PvZ Heroes Feedback: Pros and *

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice


1- a very dynamic and addictive game that comes out of the conditionality of PVZ, product of the variety of heroes and classes


2- use the use of strategies similar to pokemon, so you can take risks guessing what your opponent thinks


3- The style and graphics of the game is very attractive and pleasant for the public




1- the game is not balanced: unlike similar games like yugioh and pokemon (smogon) this game does not respect the level of the players and the cards they have. They should make tiers where certain cards are forbidden to give more freedom of decks and strategies and not to leave the new suffering by broken decks


2- super broken decks: there are decks that are so powerful that they break with the competitiveness and the strategy in the game, examples: the deck of the valkyrie of professor brainstorm and the deck of spam for astro-shroom + admiran navy bean with planet of the grapes for nightcap These decks are difficult not to say impossible to stop, basically they force you to centralize to be able to face them which breaks with the dynamism and variety, if you win it is by pure luck


3- bugs: I've run into numerous bugs in this game, especially in the part of the daily challenges where I complete one and I get the message "not available" making me lose the envelope that you give at the end if you complete all the puzzles, other mistakes are when it freezes in the middle of combat, causing you to lose

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