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PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

by Quinxxe

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

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Puntwothree is right. Your opponent cannot always have 4x Snowdrop in his play, if that is the case, then you must be extremely unlucky and being matched against hackers (Which is highly unlikely)


I love the freezing deck, I play it a lot. However, I can tell you that i don't always win. Some decks are just counters, and when I play against freezing, i know 3 out of 5 times what they are going to play.



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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

@puntwothree I passed your spoiler issue on to the community manager (David, I believe he edited them out). He said when he looked at it, the code made it look you may have accidentally done it. If it's continuous, could you possibly capture a video of you posting where it happens?
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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

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@daalnnii Accidental sounds right.


I guess my follow-up question is “How am I accidentally doing this, so I can stop?”


I could try capturing video, although often it’s somthing I notice midway through a post... Or when I am trying to post.


Thanks (to all who looked into it).

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

[ Edited ]

@puntwothree I have no idea how to stop it, lol cold turkey?  😋


If it continues, just shoot me a pm and I'll have David take another look.  

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

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I’d like to thank everyone who posted on here and added their opinions. It’s nice to actually get feedback from experienced players. If the makers of the game haven’t found with their stats that freezers are ruling the higher tiers, then I guess it’s fine. Thanks for your time and input. I really appreciate it.
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