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PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

by Quinxxe

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PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

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ARRGGHGGAHH!  Who else thinks that freezers are way OVERPOWERED!!! Nerfing is very needed.


Like just make the snow drop gain 1 attack and 2 health. That would change everything! That way you wouldn’t have a 20:40 attacking you by the 4th turn. Freezers already have a bajillion freeze spells in their decks, so a attack change would make the snowdrop a defensive plant. Smarty is about tricks and team-up, not instantly killing all zombies on the board and attacking with 4 snowdrop goliaths!


If you make the snowdrop defensive by changing the attack, then it could be used as a shield for teamup cards. And if you wanted it to be a god, then just pick Nightshade or Greenshadow and give then attack with other cards


I’m ....*restrained groan between gritted teeth* ...ok with the winter squashes freezing kills, but if smarty’s gets a mega buff like that, then SNOWDROP SHOULDN’T!


If the game makers don’t want to nerf the smarty class, then here’s an idea for zombies;


The hunter zombie and the troglobite.


If you remember from PvZ 2, the hunter zombie will throw snowballs at plants until their frozen. He could be like an ice peashooter for the zombies. Plants damaged by it would be frozen. It could be 1 attack and 4 health in the sneaky class.


In PvZ 2, all ice age zombies are resistant to the cold. They cant be frozen at all. The troglobite was the one that pushed the ice blocks, but I think in PVZH, he should be hearty class immune to freezing. 


That’s it. Just can’t be frozen. I know that untrickable allows zombies to be protected from tricks, but cards like the ice peashooter, chilly pepper, jolly holly etc easily go around it. The troglobite sole ability would be “can’t be frozen”. Not untrickable, just as a perfect counter for freezers. That way freezers would actually have to prepare more in their decks to fight zombies. The developers can pick the stats of it but I just want the ability.


This is my first forum post and I hope this problem will be solved. I’ll will be making another one just for captain cucumber but I wanted to focus on this freezer problem first.


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Accepted Solution

Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

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I’d like to thank everyone who posted on here and added their opinions. It’s nice to actually get feedback from experienced players. If the makers of the game haven’t found with their stats that freezers are ruling the higher tiers, then I guess it’s fine. Thanks for your time and input. I really appreciate it.

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy


Play the deck, record the results.  Post those results for us.

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

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Easy, if I see in the start up animation that I’m playing against Rose, I’ll know to turn on the screen recorder. Its actually sad I can do that, I don’t think I’ve seen any human players use Rose for anything but freezing.


How would you like me to post it? Oh, I have a YouTube channel. I’ll just screen record several games, pick the worst one, post it on YouTube, then post the link.


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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy


Can't just post the worst.  Gotta post them all.  That's why it's better for you to play the deck.  It actually accomplishes a couple of things.  It allows you to quickly gather data by always getting there deck and playing it against a variety of zombie decks, not just your own; it also let's you see weaknesses for the deck that you may not have thought of.


I don't know how long you've been playing or what level you're playing at in ranked, but keep in mind what nobody likes to admit:. It might just be your deck.  It could be there isn't enough card draw it removal tricks, it could be that you have a diluted deck, maybe you're lacking synergy, maybe you lack enough good opening cards or not enough end game cards or the proper balance throughout...  Maybe this deck is just the counter to the deck you're running.


Freeze decks are too slow starting and unreliable.  If you don't run removal cards or play good counters, they can run you over, but they aren't that great

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

★★★★ Novice

I’ve been playing this game for two years, i’ll admit I have been back-and-forth with it, but whenever I start playing again it’s normally for round 2 to 3 months. Every single time I’ve ever fought against Rose I’ve never ever seen any strategy except for freezer.  And yes, I understand exactly what you’re saying. You’re right, playing the deck would identify weaknesses and sequencing all that. And I have already done that.  However, I won’t be able to truly exploit the higher up strategy of freezing because I do not have all the super powerful cards like winter melon and holly jolly.  The strategies that upset me are the ones that have four winter melons, four Holly Jollys, and every other card in the game has anything to do with freezing or killing zombies. 


 If you would like, I will still try to create the most overpowered that I can imagine using Green shadow and nightshade. ( I only have those two smarty heroes, I know that Citron is also a smarty hero, but overpowered freezers never use him.) But, without having multiple legendary’s like winter melon and other key cards, I can’t perfectly replicate it.


 Luckily, I know three other diehard players of the game that have different sets of cards. With all of them recording their freezer fights, I should be able to make a compilation video of all of the most annoying aspects of the strategy. 


And about my decks being diluted or lacking the synergy, I have designed decks specifically to combat the freezing strategy using every’s I’ll be here all I have. I’ve played over and over and over again specifically against freezers trying to make a deck that perfectly combats them. And so far it only works half the time.   I would practice and play test my decks against my three other friends where we each take turns playing the freezer and then playing the zombie hero. And we’ve come to the conclusion that even when the zombie hero has the upper hand, freezers always have a way to bounce back and turn the tables even if they’re incredibly lucky.


 I hope this answers your theory. I’ll be sure to make the compilation as quickly as possible so that this can be heard by developers before the next patch or update 

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

[ Edited ]
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Oh and one more thing, I’ve been as high as rainbow rank before, but I can never get past the first rank in Rainbow as a zombie hero because every single hero I faced has a smarty class. The Smarty class in it of it’s self is already superstrong. But freezing strategies are the worst one to play against. At the very least trick strategies for smarty heroes can be countered by just playing zombies. But freezing wipes the board of your zombies to make way for cheap Titans that had their power boosted through the roof within three turns.

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

★ Guide

Smarty Class has an answer to everything. It’s called Dark Matter Dragonfruit.


But aside from it-that-has-already-been-named, I think the class as a whole is on the weaker side, and Freeze is not its best strategy.


I can’t see the problems you’ve been facing, but I can tell you that I tend to go small and wide with my zombies, and my win rate against Green Shadow in particular (especially freeze) is very, very good. What you need is a couple i.e. Rolling Stones for the Squashes and/or a couple of Rocket Science for the Drops that get out of hand. You don’t have to get complicated. Once you remove these pieces of the puzzle, most freezy cards are just mediocre tempo plays.


Terrorize plays surprising well v. freezy too, I find. You wouldn’t know it, but it turns out moving a Snowpea to an open lane, and then shrinking it, and then moving a Torchwood behind it sort of messes with the general freezy battle plan.


Sometimes you can even wait out a deck you think is freeze, and get a nice Beem Me Up in front of a Snowdrop before it sees buff.


These are just a few of my favorite cards that aren’t too hard to acquire.


If you need more ideas... I’ve got lots of posts, and have posted lots of decks. Some don’t play well v/Rose, but almost all play well v/Rose Freeze.

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

Addendum: the most crucial card to Rose Freeze is probably that Squash. That’s what you really have to kill (somehow) early and often. Do it with stones, or do it with fire. Do it with Barrel of Barrels.


Rose does not have bonus attacks or Gardening Gloves, so a good “small and wide” zombie deck can chump block Snowdrop all day if necessary (a word that here means “use any body it has at its disposal”). If your opponent has 4 Snowdrops, you’re in trouble. But this is the exception, not the rule.



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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

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The opponent always has 4 snowdrops.

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Re: PvZ Hero’s OP Freezer Strategy

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

In deck, not in play.


Your opponent does not “always” have 10% of his/her cards.


btw- bounce is not a bad answer to Snowdrop, either. Freezy tends to play out its spells quickly to see all buffs on the same turn.


Edit: Why do I keep getting these empty spoiler boxes? I don’t want them. Anyone who could, please explain...

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