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Re: PvP opponent name and friend request option

by daalnnii

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PvP opponent name and friend request option

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suggestion / missing features

When playing PvP sometime you get an opponent that you like to talk with and/or play again with.

right now it's pretty much impossible

1. when the match starts the opponent name is shown for a second, but then it is not shown anymore anywhere.

2. while in game when you click on the "..." in the upper left corner you have a button to add friend by name, you need to add a button to add your correct opponent to while in game and maybe in some match summery screen afterwords


Thank you

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Re: PvP opponent name and friend request option

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networking in pvp is a good thing. i agree with you

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Re: PvP opponent name and friend request option

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It's 2018, I've just started playing this game about 3 months ago and I can't believe that this has yet to be addressed.  In addition, how can I view my win/loss stats for my decks? I'm 5 USD in on this game and don't plan on spending one more cent.  Game is fun tho...

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Re: PvP opponent name and friend request option


It really is a great idea (it's been brought up a few times, but they're dead this point so good on you for throwing the reminder it there).


Sadly, the devs haven't done much with the game in a while.  I hate the thought myself, but this may be the distinctive version...  ... At least for a while.

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