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PVZ Hero: Game etiquette

by Big82S

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PVZ Hero: Game etiquette

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Hi names is BrainGem


love card games as much as I love my first person shooter games or as much as any game I play.




id like to comment on the topic of  a WIN is a WIN.


in some games sure there’s really no rules and it’s whatever goes.


however a lot of people new & old forget one thing. There’s a grey area where a lot of gamers and people reside. In this area there’s a thing called Video game etiquette which means you show a lil honor.  



So say in a game of call of duty I don’t go around noob tubing you’re face from a far with GL’s.


or in the game PVZ Heros I don’t use a bunch of berry blasts on the health bar of my opponent when the other person has not done stuff equivalent to you.


just saying how you act or think in a game also shows you’re partial or full personality in real life situations as well.






Feel feel free to do so however if someone does it to you. Then they def deserve it lol.



guess I just try and use my mind to win in more difficult calculated ways then choosing the easy way out. Game on all.

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