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Not Enough Information

by puntwothree

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Not Enough Information

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You don’t know what this post is about. Right? Exactly.


Today’s puzzle challenge made me unhappy. Many puzzle challenges do, so this was not an entirely new experience, but this was the first challenge I recall that had multiple and mutually exclusive solutions based on the superpower drawn off block.


The description called for a “Miracle,” and you know I didn’t memorize Wall-Knight’s powers. So I played to “Uncrackable” (signature and best power), which requires you to protect Heartichoke in order to start the healing loop. (Although my solution also works with Geyser, which requires hardly any thought at all.) That was logical, right? I would argue more logical than assuming my draw would be Nut Signal... and the aforementioned protection would fall into my lap.


So... thank you. Once again. For making me watch ads. You know, ads take up a lot of my time... because when I watch ads I am unhappy, and when I’m unhappy I make posts.

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Re: Not Enough Information

[ Edited ]
★ Guide

Edit: had the order of the “strikethrough” and the “hurt” zombies been switched and “Bubble Up” been in hand (so you would know it wasn’t coming off block), there would have been exactly one, superpower-independent solution to today’s Puzzle Party. It’s that sort of inattention to detail that defines the challenge, weak in and weak out. (See what I did there? You thought I misspelled “week.” But I didn’t. It was a punny fragment.)

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Re: Not Enough Information

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i just the solutions on youtube. saves me time.

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Re: Not Enough Information

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Watching the solution would still probably force me to watch an ad (on YouTube) and take at least 30 seconds. Is it too much to ask that EA fix their Puzzle Challenges, seeing as they’re developing literal no new content?


I would (in all seriousness) be happy to playtest and fix or even develop new puzzle challenges for like... I don’t know, let’s say 700 gems/week in-game currency. I’m fairly certain it would take > hour a week to think up new, rotating plant/zombie challenges that aren’t flawed, and 700 is a cute number because it is the opportunity cost of all the daily ads I’m currently not watching.


> hour/week manpower. I think that’s about what I’m asking EA to put into this game a few of us still care about.

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