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Re: No new cards for four months

by UniVoidz

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No new cards for four months

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Great, it has been four months without new cards. EA, if you guys have already given up this game and don't give a * about our questions, just shout out OK? I will delete the game that I have spent 500 bucks on immediately. No wonder you are the worst company in USA.

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Re: No new cards for four months

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Yeah, I too would like to know if this game is getting continuous content or if it’s just left for dead. Any game with micro transactions runs the risk of having a new player ”buy in” with the expectation that the developers will reward their purchase (and essentially being funded by said player(s)) by continuing to work on and update the game and then being sorely dissaponted by no new content being implemented or worse, servers being shut down. I can deal with months of no new content, that’s actually no big deal if things are being worked on. What I can’t deal with is the lack of communication from Popcap and EA. You’re player base deserves to know roughly when new content is coming or if you have decided to end development for your game. Also, figure out a way to implement a drat format for your collectible card game - every other tcg has. The gameplay is great, but it would be nice if we had new stuff to look forward to and didn’t have to wonder if it is ever even coming. 

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Re: No new cards for four months

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I have strong doubts that there will ever be a confirmed 'we are done with this game now' announcement. EA still makes a profit for as long as people are left hopeful, whether they are finished or not. If you're concerned, there's no harm putting PVZ Heroes on the back burner. There are plenty of free to play card games out there, and you can always return should an update come around.

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