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New Cards for Old Problems

by puntwothree

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New Cards for Old Problems

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So.... my PvZ collection isn’t complete, but it’s now starting to get close. And while I appreciate that there are a diversity of strategies (both sides) that can work, a lot of them are starting to look an awful lot like all the others.


What’s to be done except continue to suggest and push for new cards? Here are some rough ideas to address old problems. I’m a zombie man, but I’m also trying to represent the plants.


1. Monument/Trickster


Let’s start with what plants hate, because there seem to be more of you. (*groan*)


MTG has a card called “Torpor Orb” that I draw inspiration from here.


Denying Tree (Mega-Grow; maybe 3/7 for 4 to match Wing-Nut.)


Text: Placing Plants and Zombies doesn’t cause abilities to trigger.


2. Cyclecap


Once two Astro-Shrooms hit the field, one on a Grapes of Wrath, what are you supposed to do, exactly?


But what if you could prevent one of the combo pieces from happening?


Grounds Protector (Hearty; 2 for a 2/3)


Text: Environments can’t be placed here or next door.


3. Going Viral


Denying Tree doesn’t stop built-in frenzy. Wing-Nut doesn’t even stop frenzy, if it happens in Wing-Nut’s lane and Wing-Nut gets overpowered. So... how about something that is both more transient and more reliable than Nut at dealing with frenzy? And how about in another type, for variety?


Magic Mushroom (Smarty; 2/2 team up mushrooms for 4)


Text: When played: all bonus attacks are skipped this turn.


4. Strawberrian


Berry decks seem to be getting more prevalent, dealing the AOE hurts before zombies have a chance to respond with tricks. It’s time we responded with zombies.


In order to do extra damage, berries need to do.... damage. Yeah. Let’s stop that.


Zombie Body Gaurd (Beastly; 3/2 for 4, armored 2)


Text: Zombies next door gain armored 1.


5. Spot Removal


There is a lot of it going around. Plants anecdotally seem to have the most. You play, they remove. Yada yada.


Sometimes it is impossible not to play into a Rose superpower. If you can anticipate it, I say you should be able to play around it.


There is some Untrickable out there of course, but honestly I don’t think Untrickable is all that much fun to play OR to play against. How about something more transient? Splashier?


Zombie Stuntman (Sneaky; 2/1 for 1)


Text: Zombie Stuntman becomes the target of tricks.






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