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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

by theanticulture

Original Post

Multiplayer unavailable

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Is there a problem with the servers? I haven't been able to get a match to happen.

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

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I haven't been able to play a single game in ranked or casual as a plant.

I've been trying almost non-stop for 7 hours.

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

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I cannot get a match as a plant, at all. Tried and tried, including letting it search for an hour straight.


I've had three matches as a zombie, all matched against level 1 players. Coincidence? I think not. Even if it were, I am ultimate >100, so that's unfair on them. Way to drive new players away from the game.


My guess is that something is screwy with the evaluation of player levels which prevents the game from finding proper matches, or any matches as a high level player when playing zombies.

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

Community Manager

@gabochidillo @GrinningRuiner @Fungoid_Face


If you're playing as a plant you may find it quicker to get a game as a zombie at the moment. As people rank up hopefully the experience will be quicker games too.


- Andy -

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

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I feel that there is a bug in the new code for match making as I had never had issues in the past getting matched against zombies and tbh most of my enemies were off similar level.

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

[ Edited ]
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Thanks, indeed it looks like playing as a zombie gets matches quicker.


Another poster mentioned facing newbie players. Won't us veterans destroying newbie players be bad for the game experience?


I'm wondering where the veteran plant players are though. Won't this cause a vicious circle since all the veteran players will now be playing Zombies?

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

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Same for me, since yesterday i'm not able to find an opponent when i select the Plants side on ranked matches, i'm currently level 42. When I pick zombies i'll find opponents almost immediatly but rookies ones (lvl 1-5)


I totally agree that there must be a real bug or gap on the matchmaking algorithm or something

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

Community Manager

Hey all,


Thanks for the feedback on this. 


Sorry about the one-sided matches! I've spoken to the PvZ team about this and since the game just launched, there may be a longer wait time if you have a higher Rank while the game tries to match you with someone of equal skill. If you are experiencing an abnormally long queue, consider trying the Zombie side for PvP! The Zombies need new recruits!


- Andy -

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

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This is such a fixable problem. First, have the zombies start out as unlocked. A lot of people JUST play multiplayer. Second, don't have the multiplayer screen default to plants on first entry. Make it apparent that you choose which side to play as, I think a lot of people just click "play" without even looking.

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Re: Multiplayer unavailable

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^ What he said.

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