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Re: Linking Pvz to EA account

by Kermo3

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Linking Pvz to EA account

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I am unable to link my EA account with my PvZ heroes and was wondering what steps I needed to take to do this? I originally didn't know that this was a thing until my friend mentioned it to me not too long ago. I was navigated to the forums from EA help and was hoping I could get some help with this. Thanks!

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Re: Linking Pvz to EA account

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Exactly what problem do you have to link your account with EA?

Some error message or what?

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Re: Linking Pvz to EA account

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I dont have a link at all to sync my account with EA. I included a screenshot of what my settings looks like where there is "supposed to" (according to my friend) be a sync button etc, however I don't have that showing for me. Just so you can look at the screenshot I included a thumbnail in this message as well. 

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Re: Linking Pvz to EA account

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Very strange. Do you remember, what age you wrote, when first time started the game after install?

It can be, that you have underage account, so it doesn't let you sync with EA/FB.

I heard that underage account may have some problems with this game.

If this is the cause, then I think nothing you can do, cause reinstalling the game will loose all your progress and cards without linked accounts.

I'm sorry.

Maybe somebody from EA support can help you more.

You can send support ticket to them from Help Center with your problem.

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Re: Linking Pvz to EA account

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I know that I selected above 18 if that is concerning you. I actually contacted EA support before this and they relayed me to this community saying that everyone here would know what to do rather than them so I can try giving them a try again. Thank you for the help!

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