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Re: Knight of the Living Dead not taking damage

by zdarcon

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Knight of the Living Dead not taking damage

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After the Zombie King converts a random zombie into a Knight of the Living Dead zombie, the damage mechanic is broken. I have, on many occasions, watched as a zombie was turned. Then, on my turn, I hit it with a Berry Blast which should do 2 damage to it but it only does 1 and sometimes none. I have also seen this same issue when I hit the zombie with Bluesberry where it does no damage at all. I realize that it will take one less point of damage but that is not happening. I have also combo'd Bluesberry with Sgt Strawberry and have seen no damage taken from Sgt Strawberry even though Bluesberry was able to deal 1 point of damage. 


Can someone get me a clearer picture on this point?


Thank you

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Re: Knight of the Living Dead not taking damage

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Knight of the Living dead has Armour 2, so it absorbs 2 extra damage with each hit instead of 1. It's understandable that people have been confused by this, as it's the only card in the game with an armour value above 1.

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Re: Knight of the Living Dead not taking damage

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It has armour 2. read the card description please

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