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Re: Is the game still "alive"?

by daalnnii

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Is the game still "alive"?

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Hi guys,


First post here Standard smile


So I downloaded this game at the weekend, and I am pretty hooked already.


As with all new card / deck battle type games I instantly started searching around to look for which are the essential cards, which packs to find them in etc so I can know where to best invest my time and money in terms of developing a decent starter meta deck.


I stumbled across the PVZ heroes Reddit and was disappointed to see so much negativity.

Players saying that the game was dead, ranked was wonky as wasn't enough players to make the matches fair and Popcap was no longer focusing on the game with little done in terms of balance changes and new updates.


I was a little confused as I can see the last update was made in January 2019 so fairly recent.


Is it worth picking up this game and investing time and money or am I too late to the party?

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Re: Is the game still "alive"?

It's not that everyone is trying to be negative... We all love this game. It's that while they did technically update the game (nerfing strategies that low-level players were to lazy to easily handle), they haven't put any new content into the game in over a year.

I wouldn't say that you're too late to the party, though. There is still an active community and a lot of fun to be had.

If they eventually do add new content to the game, now is s good time to take advantage of the lull in new content, because you could feasible out yourself in contention without spending money because you won't feel like the gap is ever widening.

It's a fun game. Play it a while and see if you feel like putting money in it, but I don't think it's necessary at this point.

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