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Re: Incoming Update

by carahlf79

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Incoming Update

★★★★ Guide

Hello, I have seen this information on reddit, I would like to share it here. So we can all observe that the game is still under work Standard smile  In fact, at last, they have heard all our complaints about the daily challenges.  Party hat


They have also given another opportunity for the new heroes, although we would all like to see a different offer , more accesible... Oops


Card Balance Updates

We love having a variety of powerful cards and dynamic strategies. When some win rates get too high or low, we sometimes make balance changes to help different strategies stay strong.

In recent seasons, we've seen Valkyrie combo decks and Disco-Naut fast attack decks creep up in win rates. Accordingly we're making some cards a little weaker there. We considered adjusting Valkyrie herself, but for now we are only adjusting some surrounding support cards. Changing these support cards now can also head off some other potentially problematic interactions. Any cards that got weaker have their Recycle values temporarily increased to match their Crafting costs, so you can recycle a weakened card for something else of the same rarity if you wish.

We're also making several other cards stronger, where there is room to grow those strategies.


  • Mustache Monument now uses more Brains: 3-cost 1/5 (was 2-cost)

  • Regifting Zombie now uses more Brains: 3-cost 3/2 (was 2-cost)

  • Mad Chemist is now bigger: 4-cost 3/4 (was 2/3)

  • Neutron Imp is now better, saying 'When an Environment is played, this does a Bonus Attack.' (This now happens when Plant environments are played too, not just when Zombie Environments are played.) Still 2-cost 2/3.

  • Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur is now stronger: 7-cost 6/7 (was 4/7)

  • Wizard Gargantuar now correctly gives Bullseye to the Gargantuar Trick, Zombot's Wrath.


  • Disco-Naut is now less healthy: 1-cost 2/1 (was 2/2)

  • Final Mission now uses 2 Brains (was 1)


  • Turquoise Skull Zombies is now healthier: 4-cost 2/5 (was 2/4)

  • Zombie King is now stronger: 4-cost 3/5 (was 2/5)


  • Marine Bean is now healthier: 3-cost 2/4 (was 2/3)

  • Red Stinger is now healthier: 4-cost 2/7 that becomes 7/2 (was a 2/6 that becomes 6/2)


  • Transfiguration is now stronger: 4-csot 3/7 (was 2/7)


  • Half-Banana is now better, saying 'When destroyed: All Bananas in your hand get +1/+1.' (was 'When destroyed: All Bananas in your hand get +1 Strength.') Still 1-cost 2/2.

  • Banana Split is now also better because it makes two improved Half-Bananas

  • Plucky Clover is now healthier: 5-cost 1/5 (was 1/4)

  • Savage Spinach is now stronger and better: 4-cost 3/6 'Leafy Evolution: All Plants in all lanes and your hand get +2 Strength.' (Was 3/5 and did not affect other Plants in lanes)

  • Typical Beanstalk now costs less sun: 4-cost 4/4 (was 5-cost)


  • Snake Grass is now stronger: 4-cost 4/2 (was 3/2)

  • Witch Hazel is now healthier: 4-cost 0/3 (was 0/1)

Daily Challenge Updates

We've prepared another batch of the popular Daily Challenges. We've also heard player feedback that some of the recent Daily Challenges have been frustratingly difficult, so we've adjusted some of the toughest ones to be somewhat easier.


'Random Battle' Updates

We've greatly expanded the variety of decks you can fight with the 'Random Battle' button. (The one inside the 'Plant Missions/Zombie Missions' screens). Now you might fight any of the 5 Strategy Decks for any Hero: 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, Space-themed, or Dinosaur-themed. You might also fight a variety of decks that aren't Strategy Decks at all. There are more than 150 enemy decks to conquer!


New 'Surprise Battles'

When you tap the 'Random Battle' button, you now have about a 1 in 8 chance to play a 'Surprise Battle' with a crazy setup!

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Re: Incoming Update

★★★★ Guide

I would like to see for battles online, that ''crazy setup'', maybe they are putting it to the test with AI, but I find it entertaining to try different ways always, and against people, better. 

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Re: Incoming Update

[ Edited ]
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“We considered adjusting Valkyrie herself, but for now we’re just adjusting some surrounding support cards.”

OK PvZ. You do you. But... Valkyrie is playable by four different heroes? And is accessible by literally every Zombie type? So couldn’t you use this logic to justify nerfing literally any Zombie card in the game?

Rolling Stone creates an open lane for Valk in Z Mech decks. NERF.

Area 22 makes Valk too good in Electric Boogaloo decks. NERF.

Smoke Bomb is too easy to combine with Valk in Impfinity decks to get her unopposed. NERF.

Have you ever heard of Occum’s Razor? If little Jimmy were causing trouble by talking in class, would you send all of his FRIENDS to detention? My goodness PvZ... having identified the problem, you go and decide to muck up a host of non-Valk strategies by targeting cards THAT AREN’T EVEN IN VALK’S CLASS?

Just... you do you.

That is all.
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Re: Incoming Update

★★★★ Guide

Valk has been here since the beginning, their use has increased (they have the data) in this set, and I suppose, according to their data, everything points to the cards they want to change, as monument.

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Re: Incoming Update

★ Guide
That doesn’t explain Regifting. And the logic is still bonkers.
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Re: Incoming Update

Champion (Retired)

Gotta say, these updates have given me new hope that the game probably isn't being abandoned as quickly as I feared.

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Re: Incoming Update

★ Guide
Poor Regifter. Seems like I really should start playing again.
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Re: Incoming Update

★★★ Apprentice

So when are these coming? Are TBA?

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