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Immorticia deck help please

by jamesgunn9828

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Immorticia deck help please

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So I’ve always liked immorticia as the cards she has access to a lot of good cards, however for a long time I stooped playing her. I recently picked her up again by creating a new deck. Originally I just threw together some cards together, but it actually turned out to be a decent deck. It’s not perfect as I didn’t have an optimal strategy in mind, I just wanted to show you guys and see what ya thought and give me feedback on how to improve it. Thanks guys 

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Re: Immorticia deck help please

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I am trying to figure out the theme of the deck.


Immorticia can go Pet deck which gets a good proc from Zom Bats.

She also has great bonus attack cards and tricks like Lurch, Neutron Imp, Monument and Jokester.

Finally Teleport makes her a toolbox.


Solid Hero.

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