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Re: How to keep an audience with limited updates

by BlazinsZ

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How to keep an audience with limited updates

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EA needs to make some improvements to the PvP system.


1. Money Matches - I think it would be an interesting dynamic if you could play for Gems. Create Gem brackets (10/100/1000) and winner takes gems from the loser.

2. Twisted Rules Matches

3. Redeemable Stars for Gems in Ranked


Content updates will always improve the replayability of a game but the better the online experience the less interaction EA will need to do.

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Re: How to keep an audience with limited updates

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That doesn't solve the problem, it actually complicates and accelerates it. The point is that the gems are used to get the cards, when you have all the heroes and all the cards, the gems and sparks are no longer something in the game, without any new content, why i want to collect gems?

 At this point, without a growth in the game, and limited cards, creating more ways to get gems will only accelerate the process of reaching a large number of users with a lot of gems and all cards in their hands, boring and waiting for new content to use their gems. 

the old players actually need more game modes, more cards and more actions to spend their gems and sparks, but that certainly is adding ''new content'' , in addition, they need to give some hope, most have left without even having all the cards, because they simply see that there is nothing beyond.


What the game needs is a change of developers, that they change the whole crew who parked the game, or that EA decides and sells the game to another company, a new company that really wants to improve it, remove dust and polish it to the maximum, EA / PopCap have already shown us that they know how to waste a great opportunity, just assume the failure and take a step forward, it's all, joy for the players if we see this game awakening. 




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