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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

by daalnnii

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Hero Costumes Ideas

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A while back I got an idea that there should be costumes for heroes. I know this seems a bit dull, but I was bored and hey. Why not? I hope you like them. Anyways, here they are.


#1: Melon-knight (Wall-knight)



#2: Brainachnid (Neptuna)



#3: Cyberborg (Rustbolt)



#4: Appletron (Rose)



#5: S.M.A.S.H. 1000 (Supa Mega Awesome Smahin' Hero 1000) (The Smash)



#6: I Scream Man (Brain Freeze)


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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

That is really awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

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Brain freeze as i scream man is awesomesauce. I think that's funny that you have appletron because ever since galactic garden expansion came out, I have thought that citron and apple saucer were quite similar.
Good work and thank you for sharing
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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

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Well done!
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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

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I scream man best :D
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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

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Anyone else think that Impfinity would look right at home wearing a nappy?

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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

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Baby Impfinity coming right up

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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

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I usually hate fan art but I had to comment and say these are really good! 

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Re: Hero Costumes Ideas

Community Manager

Hey @CyborgpyggE,


These drawings are amazing, I actually printed them out and have them on my desk, I also shared them with a few guys in the office too Standard smile

Thanks for sharing!




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