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Re: First to say it this season


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Re: First to say it this season

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bread and butter cuz it was to many cards.

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Re: First to say it this season

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I am using a version of heal but with Chompzilla, megagrow allows me to use Captain C, Onion, Apotatosaurus. It has been very successful, I don't know if it reaches 50 but at least it cooperates with me a lot.


if you start with Onion Rings, it's worth waiting for turn 5 and use lil buddies, BEP, Eyespore, tomato and pepper with 4/4, believe me, its great. 

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Re: First to say it this season

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Lol I tried to slip that past and failed. You da man. Those are the cards but I added an extra eye spore, lol bud, taco...
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Re: First to say it this season

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I don’t own A Valk, but If you saw the current plant meta you would know why he’s popular. Something like 75% of the decks I’m seeing right now are Kaboom with plenty of removal. Your deck is no diffetent, unfortunately. So long as you keep killing the zombies we place, we’ll keep playing cards that get buffed when our zombies die.

Asking if 135 stars is a record I would consider bragging. Personally I would never go that high. I usually hover around 20 and concede extra wins to lower players.

My real point is, you can’t have it both ways. If you have a strong deck that can easily reach UL, I think you lose the right to complain that other decks are strong.

I’m sure you’ll have no trouble reaching UL before the season ends, just like you didn’t have any trouble last season. And eventually Monument and Regifting and Final Mission seem to be coming up in cost, so if Valk remains the meta your job should get easier.
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Re: First to say it this season

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Wait! I forgot Disco-Naut. That’s 4 nerfs to Valkyrie.
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Re: First to say it this season

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 Here is exactly what i posted in my bid for a leaderboard...


"Im UL 135 this season and was just wondering how many stars people normally get? Or the highest reached? Anyone know?"


WOW look at me bragging up a storm! I'm king of the world!


I've seen people with 800+ stars before so i knew my casual score was nothing, but i did wonder how high they go. Seems like an honest question, hence the need to make a leader board or a personal stats page. Extra fun that's all. If i hurt your feelings i'm sorry. 


I feel like i have a decent deck, i still tweak here and there and don't mind battling my way to UL. It just grinds my gears getting beat by the cheap shot. there is no beating it. I've read countless testimonials of z players who use it. its a 95% win deck. and only if they get a bad draw do they lose. I'm glad its going away. but clearly you are not. clearly. 

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Re: First to say it this season

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I am ambivalent about Valkyrie. Like I said, I don’t own one. It’s kind of a point of pride. If I opened one in a pack, I might just recycle it to be able to say that I don’t own one.

The only thing I object to, here, is a player who is clearly doing fine continually complaining about how other people are doing.

It’s also curious that you choose to play a deck with so much removal when Valk seems to be your chief concern. You and I might go 50/50, but it’s no wonder you’re getting 1-shotted by Dead Deck Wins after all of your Berry Blast and Eyespore and Briar Rose. I agree your deck is good. It also looks like a poor choice for a Valk matchup.

This will be my last post on this thread, but it comes with a picture. I hope the picture makes you happy.

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