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Re: Don’t quit working on the game


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Don’t quit working on the game

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It seems things are falling through the cracks with the maintenance crew. Please don’t forget the details. It’s a detailed game so please don’t give up. 


On this example, the numeric fonts are inconsistent. The top row is the way it’s been done since the beginning. On the bottom two rows in the screenshot, the cost, attack, health, AND the number of cards is too small. 


This is says to me that both Pop Cap and EA are checked out and leaving the thing idling. Someone wake somebody up!

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Re: Don’t quit working on the game

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I like this post, come on EA/Pop Cap!, you can still improve this game and everyone can enjoy it. 




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Re: Don’t quit working on the game

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Checking in to see the game is still on autopilot.  Man...the things this game could have been.  I say this because no content has been added.  I don't count balancing of existing cards.



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Re: Don’t quit working on the game


@BPRDHB I feel every word of that.  When it was being truly supported, probably the most fun is ever had with a card game.  I came from MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and hearthstone.  This was and is my favorite, but it sucks to watch it slowly die due to lack of support when there is still a decently sized community a year after any meaningful update.


Don't really know why they left it to die.

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Re: Don’t quit working on the game

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Because they dont think we are humans. They just ask € Aswel for ads.. cant believe a compagny that big as EA just left anyone to rott, en doesnt comunicate about it. But still ask € for it. We mus sue and boycot them apathic €wolfs. Tbc..

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Re: Don’t quit working on the game

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The real downfall of this game is EA. Popcap has always been about the fans. I remember when EA was a great company. Which reveals how old I am. Now they only care about the money. if a game is not making them millions then they simply do not crap about the fans. Like everything greed is destroying the gaming industry. Why can't they be satisfied with their giant console hits, and send just a little money at great games like this that have a loyal following of fans. We do not ask for much. Some new content from time would be nice. oh well I have not given up on this game yet, but I am real close.

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Re: Don’t quit working on the game

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Don't mind me! Just checking in to see how everything is going! ...oh... No new updates?



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