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by adijatwic

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I can't push the trash button or create button after I update. It blocked by icon of my phone that won't close, never happen before. 

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@adijatwic if you could start off by letting us know what kind of phone you've got.  I've got the same issue myself, but in my Motorola I've still got a sliver left up top, so it's just inconvenient for me, but I know this is super frustrating.


Our CM, @EA_Blueberry, is away, but he'll take a look at it and likely have more questions for you in the morning.  In the meantime I'll pass it off to whomever is still online.  Can't guarantee they'll get to it, but tomorrow should be the latest.

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Re: Display

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Im using Realme 2. 

it won't rotate too as it used to be after I'm updating PvZH. 

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Re: Display

Community Manager

Hey @adijatwic, sorry to hear that the buttons are not working for you.


I have a few questions for you: 

  • What Phone do you have? 
  • What OS version are you using on the phone?
  •  Have you done any troubleshooting? 

Let us know! 


Thank you. Standard smile 





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Re: Display

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@EA_Atic I also have the same problem, Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 9. The only way to work around this problem, at least on my phone, is to disable the navigation bar in the screen settings, and disable the permission to the app Game Tools to run on top of other apps. But it is annoying to have to do all this every single time I have to craft or delete cards or delete a deck.
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