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Crashing on iPads

by JedTheRealFish

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Crashing on iPads

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Screen goes black, and freezes. Or screen goes black, and game closes. Happens on both gen 2 and gen 3 iPads. Happens on different screens, i.e., battle page, landing page, collections, etc. 


I hate it when it happens when I’m losing, because opponent with think I’m bailing on them. I am of the belief that their time is as valuable as mine, and I always concede, so they don’t have to wait for the timer, and the rude window that says disconnected. 


Anyway, perhaps it was the iOS update to 12.3.1. That’s about when it started. 


I actually went out and bought a gen 3 iPad. If that wasn’t stupid enough, when the game crashed, or the animation got slow and then the game crashed, I thought it was the new 64gb iPads, and went out and bought an old one. Same issue. 


Firstly, is PVZ Heroes 32gb? I assumed it was, and because the game is in ghost ship mode, and that they were never going to upgrade it to 64gb. Thus the gen 2 iPad.


Please tell me what’s going on with all the crashing every 30 minutes. Somebody?

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Re: Crashing on iPads

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Are you still experiencing crashes on your Apple devices? If it's constantly crashing on the same account for all devices I"m concerned it could be account related in which we'll want to have our EA Advisors pull up your account. You can reach out to them 24/7 by visiting our Help site here. 


We have some iOS troubleshooting below in case you haven't attempted all the steps in them. They help out most Apple users playing our games.


iOS Mobile Troubleshooting


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Re: Crashing on iPads

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Just got off Chat with EA help support.


They are looking into it.


We work together we get things Done together. Us & the Developers as a team.


Its gamers or The Fans that help get things done when we care enough to get involved.



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Find and tap Contact Support in-game under Settings, or contact us on EA Help.

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