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Bored - need to add players please

by RumReem

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Bored - need to add players please

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I have been playing PVZ Heros for a few months now but no one I know is as into it as I am. I’m sure there are other players like me too. 

I would really like it if anyone looking to add new players in their friends list could comment below with their username so the game can be more interesting for fellow gamers like me. 


My username: Rmamsa 



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Re: Bored - need to add players please

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I sent a request, friend.


I have 88 decks... like to stay just a little under the limit, just in case inspiration strikes. If there is anything you want to see, plants or zombies, you just let me know (I don’t own all the cards, but I’ve tinkered in many deck archetypes).

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